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Vector Security opens first storefront location doorbell cameras, lights, ther- mostats, and other smart home devices. Real windows and doors show how sensors and contacts work and how alarms can be trig- gered. "We are very excited to bring this storefront concept to the Youngstown/Boardman area," Gordon Zeiler, general man- ager, Vector Security, said in the announcement. "Not only will our current customer base enjoy easy accessibility to our new location, but the general public will be able to experience first- hand what our home security and automation products can add to their lifestyle." Additionally, customers can use a store-provided iPad to relax in the store's "living room" and experience the protection, com- fort and convenience of control- ling smart home functions using the Vector Security mobile app. Customers can demo voice control using an Amazon Echo Dot to see how Vector Security "skills" can be used to control their security system, as well as lights, locks and thermostats, the company said. Those who wish to purchase equipment can place an order onsite and schedule installation, or make an in-home appointment with a sales representative. Vec- tor will also be offering customer support out of these storefront locations. "If you go behind the wall of the Customer Experience area, it is our full operation—our sales, our technicians, our install service—all from that location," said Miller. Miller told SSN that the driv- ing catalyst for the storefront concept is to educate consum- ers on the potential of the smart home while eliminating some confusion when it comes to interoperability of products. "It really is about demonstrat- ing that ecosystem concept," said Miller. "Everything through one app, everything integrated and working seamlessly together— that is a great story that we want to take to communities and help educate people." While the Canfield store is already open for business, a grand opening was held on Aug. 2 and included a ribbon cut- ting ceremony, a visit by Vec- tor Security president and CEO Pam Petrow, and prizes and give- aways, including referral incen- tives for customers who brought a friend that signed up for ser- vice, Miller noted. In business for more than 40 years, Vector Security offers a full suite of electronic security services for residential, busi- ness and multi-site customers across North America and the Caribbean through a network of branches and authorized dealers. SSN Continued from page 1 years ago. The renewed part- nership will mean that Mas- Tec can install security and home automation systems for LifeShield customers. "We've built this product to be easy to install, and we've made it as simple as possible to come on board, but people also want to have confidence that they have the ability to use somebody else if they need to," Doug Bellenger, LifeShield's chief product officer, told SSN. LifeShield, now owned by Hawk Capital Partners, was formerly owned by DIRECTV. "MasTec has been a partner of ours in the past, when we were with DIRECTV. We had a really great relationship. We have a ton of respect for their installers and their ability to not just put a product in a home but to get a consumer excited about it and make sure that they're fully secure … and they understand how to use the system," said Bel- lenger. SSN CEO Continued from page 20 septe M be R 2018 se CURI t Y s Y ste M s N e W s Residential s ystems 22

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