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Head briefs ADT hires a new CMO By Spencer Ives LANGHORNE, Pa.—LifeShield, which provides DIY installed and professionally monitored securi- ty systems, recently announced a new CEO, John Owens, as well as an enhanced business rela- tionship with MasTec Advanced Technologies. LifeShield investor and outgoing CEO Mike Hagan will continue his role as chair- man. Culture is a primary task, Owens told Security Systems News. "I want to create a cul- ture that is a winning culture— positive, optimistic and forward thinking." Prior to joining LifeShield, Owens was the CMO for finan- cial services firm J.G. Went- worth, head of marketing for the digital bank ING DIRECT, and then became managing VP of bank marketing for Capital One when Capital One bought ING DIRECT. Owens sees how his prior work experiences can impact LifeShield. "From a marketing and CMO perspective, one of the most impor- tant roles in a job is to really set the strategy of who you are, what you're one of, and why you're different," Owens said. Evaluating the strat- egy is a critical first step, he said. "I think in this space, custom- er experience is really critical. People, if they have an alarm sys- tem or home automation—they want it to work, they want you to be responsive, it has to be drop- dead simple so they don't need to think about it," Owens said. "My experience at ING DIRECT was built on that; customer experi- ence is critical, we sweated every detail—and the same at J.G. Wentworth." Owens added that the financial services world is a data-rich environment. "I think home security and home automation is the same, and we can get really thoughtful about how we use data to inform our decision and our strategy and our customer experience." Another strategic focus for Owens is building the LifeShield brand and reputation. "The focal point is to really focus on the rep- utation, and reputation is built out of experience, and experi- ence is built out of sweating the details," he said. When the company has that aligned, the next step is to make sure that, from a marketing perspective, LifeShield is finding the right consumers. "Most importantly, I always work from the customer back— what does the customer need? And I love the fact that Doug [Bellenger, LifeShield's chief product officer] and his team think that way as well. We're really trying to find ways to dif- ferentiate by giving customers a very simple experience that they are super confident in," Owens said. M a s Te c a n d L i f e S h i e l d started working together several LifeShield names John Owens as new CEO DEFENDERS announces changes to its executive leadership team INDIANAPOLIS—DEFENDERS, a provid- er of residential security and smart home solutions, recently announced two exec- utive promotions. Robert Freeman has been named chief operating officer, and Bart Shroyer has been named executive vice president and chief financial officer As COO, Robert Freeman now leads DEFENDERS' Sales, Field Services, and Customer Experience organizations. He ensures these teams are properly focused and working closely together to deliver on DEFENDERS' operational, financial and strategic goals while maxi- mizing value for team members, custom- ers and ADT. "For more than a decade at DEFENDERS, Robert has built an impres- sive track record of personal growth and delivering results," Jim Boyce, DEFENDERS president and CEO, said in the company's announcement. "He has proven himself to be a successful execu- tive that grows and inspires leaders who love and serve people." As EVP and CFO, Bart Shroyer leads Finance, Accounting, ADT Relationships, Information Technology, and Legal/Risk. Most recently, he served as the compa- ny's chief financial officer. "This new title more accurately describes the breadth of Bart's responsi- bilities, as well as his influence and impact on the company's business, culture and relationships," Boyce said. "Importantly, Bart Shroyer and Robert Freeman are homegrown DEFENDERS executives and I couldn't be more proud of them." Parks Associates looks at connected home health LONDON—Research from Parks Associates shows 42 percent of con- sumers 50 and older in U.S. broad- band households are very interested in using a home system that can sense an emergency and alert the necessary people if it allows them to continue liv- ing independently. The IoT research firm explored new use cases for health- care emerging from smart home, AI, and machine learning innovations at its fifth-annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, Aug. 28-30 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. The topic was addressed in a session that featured executives from ADT,, American Two- Way, GreatCall, Life365, and Rapid Response Monitoring Services. "Many independent living solutions have strong crossover opportunities with the smart home; stakeholders from both connected health and the smart home are exploring ways to sup- port new home-based health applica- tions and use cases," Dina Abdelrazik, research analyst, Parks Associates, said in the announcement. By SSN Staff BOCA RATON, Fla.—ADT announced that former Ama- zon and executive, Jochen Koedijk, has joined the company as its chief marketing officer. Reporting directly to ADT president Jim DeVries, Koedijk will be responsible for deliver- ing digital and brand market- ing strategies and initiatives that drive profitable business growth. "Customer retention and lead-generation is significantly driven by digital engagement, and Jochen's leadership experi- ence with world-class organiza- tions such as Amazon, Chewy, and Electronic Arts is an imme- diate asset to our organization," DeVries said in the announce- ment. "Jochen is a marketing innovator, and we're excited for him to build upon the ADT brand for our next generation of customers." Koedijk joins ADT from where he served as the vice president, market- ing Previous to, He held roles at Amazon and Elec- tronic Arts. During his time at Amazon, he led worldwide social media and new channel advertising, overseeing a cross- functional team of more than 70 people and achieving triple digit year-over-year growth. As a member of Electronic Arts' digital business unit leadership team, he led in-house global performance marketing opera- tions for the company's console, PC, and mobile games business lines. "Given the tremendous inno- vation in the home security and automation space, I couldn't think of a better time to join ADT, North America's most recognizable security leader," Koedijk said in a prepared state- ment. "I look forward to col- laborating with my colleagues to continue providing world-class customer service and scaling our business through new and disruptive channels." Koedijk holds his degrees in business administration and social sciences from the VU University in Amsterdam, NL. Jamie Haenggi, who has been overseeing the marketing function as part of her respon- sibilities, will become the com- pany's chief customer officer. Customer strategy and reten- tion remains the single most important part of the business, and Haenggi's experience will be central to enhancing customer engagement, ADT said. "Jamie is one of our most ver- satile executives," DeVries said. "Her passion for the customer, strategic approach and vision for customer experience is instru- mental to improving customer retention, maintaining best- in-class customer service and designing a roadmap for fur- ther customer engagement and growth." SSN ability to meet the needs of homeowners, the company said. The company's network also includes more than 3 , 0 0 0 d i s t r i b u t o r s a n d 1,200 original equipment manufacturers, retailers and online merchants, according t o H o n - e y w e l l ' s announce- m e n t . More than 4.7 million of Resideo's c u s t o m - e r s u s e connected d e v i c e s i n t h e i r h o m e s , which pro- vide them app-based a c c e s s t o c o n t r o l s , monitoring and alerts. After the spin, the new company will already have approximately 30 mil- lion installed sensors gener- ating more than 250 billion data transmissions annually, the company estimated. The ADI Global Distribu- tion business has more than 200 physical locations in nearly 20 countries, offering more than 350,000 products to more than 100,000 con- tractors. ADI Global Distribution will retain its name and remain as a free-standing distribution business of Resideo. The name Resideo comes from combining the words " r e s i - d e n c e , " m e a n i n g one's home, and "presi- dio," mean- ing fortress, a c c o rd i n g to Nefkens. " W h e n we thought a b o u t a n a m e f o r t h e n e w c o m p a n y, w e k n e w it had to reflect our strong heri- tage, the promise of connect- ed technology, and the deep devotion people have for protecting what they hold most dear," Nefkens said. The Honeywell Home, ADI spin-off is subject to customary conditions and regulatory approvals, includ- ing final approval by Honey- well's board of directors. SSN Honeywell Homes, ADI spin renamed Resideo John Owens Continued from page 1 "When we thought about the name for the new company, we knew it had to reflect our strong heritage, the promise of connected technology, and the deep devotion people have for protecting what they hold most dear." —Mike Nefkens, Resideo CEO see page 22 septe M be R 2018 se CURI t Y s Y ste M s N e W s Residential s ystems 20 residential s ystems

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