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Page 13 of 35 September 2018 S e CU r I t Y SYS tem S N e WS Guest Commentary 10 design approach is not a very efficient or cost-effective way of operating a facility. This is start- ing to change as savvy building managers are making the deci- sion to integrate security and building control systems and map them onto a single network. This can entail integrating mul- tiple disparate systems, sensors, NVR devices and video manage- ment software. The concept of i n t e g r a t i n g a camera or access control system to an HVAC system, or a visitor/ facility man- agement sys- tem or edge r e c o r d i n g device to a lighting or fire protec- tion system may seem unusual to some. Yet, this is where many security systems integrators and manufactures are missing out on untapped applications and services opportunities. Modern integrated security and building systems can give facility man- agers and security directors the tools to improve, simplify opera- tions and reduce the efforts of the operations staff and points of control teams. I n t h e p a s t , t h e s e c u r i t y industry has relied on its own approach to integrated sys- tems known as physical secu- rity information management ( P S I M ) . P S I M a t t e m p t s t o provide an open architecture to integrate multiple security system products into a sin- gle operating platform. This approach has been very hit-or- miss and has left a bad taste in the mouths of systems integra- tors and end-users. On the flip side of the coin, facility manag- ers have their own integration platform known as a building automation system (BAS). As it relates to physical security, BAS systems are intended to integrate with PSIMs and con- trol individual security systems. However, BAS systems come in many different flavors; many of them are not viewed in a glow- ing light by building operation end users. Past integrations are not all filled with doom-and- gloom. There are some success- ful integrations attempted by the collaborative efforts of building controls and physical security organizations. The question is why is this design practice not more common where the ben- efits and economics make sense? In order to facilitate the adop- tion and implementation of an Sheldon Gabriel Sy S tem S see page 11 SMOKE THE COMPETITION WITH UCC MORE THAN MONITORING. Texas License B20576, ACR-2215/Florida License EF20001361/California License: ACO6132, ACQ5175 © 2017 United Central Control DEALERS UCC 1 UNPARALLELED DEALER SUPPORT Since 1982, UCC has provided high quality contract monitoring services to alarm dealers throughout the country. Having the right monitoring partner is critical, but having a partner that does MORE THAN MONITORING can give you a greater competitive advantage. The UCC DEALERS FIRST program brings value to your company through experienced industry veterans who provide useful business insights, expert training, personalized support, and value-added services – all of which will help you succeed in your competitive marketplace. By Sheldon Gabriel S e C u R I T Y S Y S T e M S i n s t a l l e d i n a t y p i c a l facility consist of cam- eras, access control, intru- sion sensors and fire alarms. Typically, these devices are placed behind a firewall on a dedicated network. Building control systems are installed on a secondary network can con- tain lighting, HVAC, fire pro- tection, elevators/lifts, chillers and air/moisture sensors. These systems serve their purpose and will continue to be adapt- ed and make facility systems' design more complicated. This complexity can be controlled using common development tools and platforms. Not only will this approach make the pro- cess of creating smarter, safer, more energy efficient systems but will also reduce the number accidental deaths and injuries that occur every year. T h e r e d u n d a n t n e t w o r k Designing safer intelligent security systems with building automation Ai-tronics' Sheldon Gabriel provides a guest commentary on the topic of bringing systems together

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