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AUG 2018

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s EC u RI t Y s Y st EM s NEW s August 2018 suppliers 25 COPS Staffing is Distributed Across Our 6 Nationwide Locations Reliable Monitoring Depends on Technology People No other wholesale monitoring company matches this level of redundancy for its Alarm Dealers. Discover why thousands of Dealers trust COPS to help safeguard millions of their customers representing more than $1 billion in annual retail revenues. Leading the industry – Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Advanced Technology Multiple layers of advanced technology, 24/7 connectivity and real-time load balancing between our 6 geo-diverse UL listed central stations help us deliver some of the fastest and most reliable response times in the industry. Distributed Staffing It's simple math: a monitoring company can't effectively handle 100% of your alarm traffic when a site or service outage disrupts 50% of its staff. COPS takes disaster preparedness to the next level by ensuring an average of only 16.7% of our total staffing may be affected at any one location. Plus, we have the unique ability to increase staff at 5 other locations to help compensate. NORTH AMERICA'S LARGEST NETWORK OF WHOLESALE MONITORING STATIONS CA: ACO6132 • DE: 05-85 • FL: EF20000481 • IL: 127-001299 • MD: 107-840 • TN: 632/1626 • TX Burg: B11561/17961 • TX Fire: ACR-2215 • VA: 11-1941 Providing nationwide professional monitoring and dealer services from New Jersey | Florida | Arizona | Tennessee | Texas | Maryland 800.367.2677 | Fax: 856.629.4043 | info @ | Boon Edam continues to grow By Paul Ragusa LILLINGTON, N.C.—Boon Edam Inc., a global company that spe- cializes in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, con- tinues to experience double-digit growth year over year, building on momentum created in April at ISC West 2018 where the company highlighted the expansion of its Enterprise Customer Group, a range of new integrations and advances in its entrance technology. Mark Borto, president and CEO for Boon Edam Inc., told Security Systems News that the growing a d o p t i o n o f anti-tailgating and piggyback- ing entrance technology by F o r t u n e 5 0 companies is h e l p i n g t h e c o m p a n y i n advancing its position as a market leader in the Americas in security entrance solutions. "While we have held the lion's share of the Americas market for security entrances since 2012, according to IHS Markit reports, we are moving ahead now on a number of business fronts," Borto said. "Enterprise sales have become a major market for us as a result of our expanded focus on global standardization and deployment. At the same time, we are integrat- ing the most advanced technologies with the combination of biometrics and anti-piggybacking solutions, addressing some of the most press- ing challenges for risk mitigation." One of the ways the company has been able to sustain double-digit growth for almost a decade, Borto said, is by serving American cor- porations in their global locations. Borto pointed out that entrances are often overlooked in terms of potential for a breach. "What we are really starting to experience in the last five years is a recognition that that entrance does have the potential to be breached in a way that is not necessarily noticed, as oftentimes tailgating is an act of kindness or politeness as the person is assumed to be an employee," said Borto. "So with the convergence of physical secu- rity and cybersecurity, we are now seeing attention coming back to the fact that the simple tailgating through a secured entryway has the same level of risk and attached liability as if you got into the com- pany through some cyber breach." And with connected technology built into the companies two pri- mary security entrance products, "customers can access the operat- ing data and in some cases even make some adjustments to the operating parameters remotely into those products," Borto explained. "And if desired they can provide that access to us so we can help with troubleshooting any opera- tional problems or issues or service requirements. And we have now expanded that platform to enable dozens or hundreds of units that a customer has deployed across the country or world to be accessed from one site or portal and they perimeters. "In terms of compliance, we took the step last year of bringing in an industry expert, a security consul- tant who has been involved in that heavily for the last decade and has been in the industry for close to 30 years," Borto pointed out. "So we are deploying him specifically to meet with customers and talk about compliance and regulatory require- ments, which includes education on the cybersecurity piece, as we want to be a thought leader in the industry to help grow the market." Borto noted that the key to Boon's success overall is its unwavering focus on its customers. "One of our advantages of being privately held is it has allowed us to put resources toward serving those customers in ways that perhaps a publicly traded, quarterly earnings- driven company can't do, and that distinction has been very important for us," he said. SSN can choose which entrances they want to look at." The company is in the process of adding that connected platform to its other product lines. With this increased connectivity and recognition of risks and liabilities, it has also driven the need for users to focus on both data security and on hardening entrances and Mark Borto

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