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briefs August 2018 s EC u RI t Y s Y st EM s NEW s Monitoring 18 DICE partners with Microsoft on financial management system BAY CITY, Mich.—DICE Corporation announced a new partnership with Microsoft's Dynamics 365 on June 21 at this year's ESX in Nashville. Dynamics 365, a financial management system, will serve as DICE Corporation's core accounting system for the security industry. "The move to Microsoft allows DICE to provide its growing community of users with a new platform that will be cloud hosted, optimized for the secu- rity industry, and fully integrated with all DICE Matrix web applications, including monitoring, sales management, instal- lation & service, customer portals, and all CRM products," the announcement read. "We are all excited to add this great product to our suite of software solu- tions and data centers throughout North America. We have focused on this prod- uct for almost a year and are pleased to provide our customers with a service that allows them to transition with no capital investment," DICE Corporation CEO Cliff Dice said in a prepared state- ment. The product will be available for full release by late 2018, DICE announced. COPS Monitoring promotes Kat Tallman W I L L I A M S T O W N , N . J . — C O P S Monitoring recently promoted Kat Tallman to VP of software development. In her new role, Tallman will oversee the COPS team of programmers for ongo- ing software development and will be responsible for project management to support internal and external customers. "We are very pleased to announce Kat's promotion," Jim McMullen, COPS Monitoring's president and COO, said in the announcement. "Her talent and contributions have been invaluable to COPS. Kat has an impressive work ethic, and her innovative thinking and leadership will continue to enhance the direction of our software platforms and service offerings." Tallman began her career with COPS in 2000 as an alarm dispatcher and grew through the ranks in various roles includ- ing dealer support representative, deal- er support manager, operations floor supervisor, N.J. site manager, and direc- tor of special projects. She most recent- ly managed the programming team for COPS exclusive Generations UL listed monitoring platform and MPower Dealer and Subscriber account management systems. Tallman is a previous winner of the COPS Chairman's Award for Excellence—the company's top award. She was also recognized as a 2013 win- ner of Security Systems News "20 under 40" award. By Spencer Ives H A G E R S T O W N , M d . — Dynamark Security Centers recently announced a partnership with National Network Group, a consulting firm based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. that connects end users with integrators. "As a Five Diamond central station, we met all of the condi- tions they were looking for in a quality central station," Hank Groff, senior vice president sales and business development for Dynamark Security Centers, told Security Systems News. Dynamark has a network of more than 550 dealers that utilize the company's monitoring, Groff added. "Because of that network … we were able to put together a solution," he said. Wi t h t h i s p a r t n e r s h i p , Dynamark has the ability to offer additional opportunities to some of its dealers, said Groff. "It also gives us a chance to explore, as a company, the future opportunity to perhaps expand our corporate selling model," Groff said. The alliance also deepens Dynamark's relationship with its anchors, Groff pointed out, because it shows the company's commitment through bringing Changes in monitoring technology, standards be outside of the annual audit program, adding extra cost and complexity to our customers' experience. Adjusting the effec- tive dates as proposed would simplify the process for all par- ties." Morgan Hertel, vice president of technology and innovation of Rapid Response Monitoring Services, told Security Systems News that the changes are long overdue. "What came to be the final requirements were actually started back in early 2008, and I was on that original working group committee back then and it was really focused on—how do we take what was an evolving industry out of the archaic ages of serial cables and green screens and move that standard into what we have and need today," said Hertel. Chris Newhook, central sta- tion manager, American Alarm and Communications Inc., told SSN, "Overall, the changes are relevant and in sync with where the industry is going. The enhancement of security requirements, the delineation of some of the more redundant aspects shared between the two codes, the emphasis on reporting—it's a long list." He continued, "But their changes and revisions are driven by the industry. It's a challenge for UL as well, frankly speaking. Technology moves at such a blinding rate they have their work cut out for them trying to maintain their pace. Pending updates to this newest edition are already reviewing how we can process lower level signal activity, remote access to automation. All-in-all, these standards are very much living documents." Rod Coles, chief executive officer, Bold Technologies, agrees on the importance of these new standards. "There are some key things in there that we need- ed, like monitoring of devices, CPU usage, hard disk space— things like that everyone really should be doing but they weren't," Coles told SSN. C h a n g e s a n d Challenges One of the key con- cepts introduced in UL 827 is the Monitoring Equivalency Weight, or MEW factor, which is determined by how many and the type of accounts a cen- tral station is monitoring, with three levels and corresponding requirements for each. "You have all of these accounts coming into what are becoming pretty significant size facili- ties today monitoring a lot of accounts and representing a pretty big chunk of what is being monitored out there, so having requirements for the size of the organization is pretty impor- tant," said Hertel. Newhook added, "The MEW calculation is straightforward enough but those companies that exceed a 100,000 or greater 'weight' are now on the hook to have a redundant site from which to monitor. That said, these changes are no surprise and have been coming for some time and most companies of that size likely already employ a back-up location at a 'reason- able distance' from their exist- ing facility. Fortunately, those companies have until 2020 to be up-and-running." As Newhook points out, both the 827 and 1981 revisions posed a challenge to everyone—central stations as well as their automa- tion providers—and many of the revisions were dependent o p e r a t i o n s o f t h e c o m - bined company and Matt Narowski, VP of operations for Bold, is now its VP of technology. Coles said that the pro- cess behind the merger began with himself and Perennial founder Michael Marks wanting to grow their companies, but realiz- ing that organ- ic growth has its drawbacks. "We felt that we've got great platforms for the industry," C o l e s t o l d S S N . " W e certainly felt that there was a play to bring these companies together and also to go on and do something really great with- in the industry." O n e o f t h e b e n - e f i t s o f w o r k i n g u n d e r EverCommerce is that while Bold and Perennial still maintain the feel of a small company, they have the support of a large company, Coles said. "We've now got a backer in the form of EverCommerce that's going in new opportunities. The partnership benefits National Network Group by expanding its footprint of oppor- tunities with a new base of integra- tors, backed by a Five Diamond central station, Groff said. "The value to our clients after we have designed a solution for them is dependent on connect- ing them with the very best the market has to offer. This strategic alliance with Dynamark Security Centers brings us a powerful list of dozens of world class system integration firms to every project throughout the U.S.," Dave Errera, president of National Network Group, said in the announcement. "Dave brings a wealth of knowledge to Dynamark Security Centers," Trey Alter, president and CEO at Dynamark, said in the company's announce- ment. "His former leadership as a national accounts director gave me the confidence we needed to trust National Network Group to expand our monitoring services throughout the commercial secu- rity market." Dynamark is working on a few other referral partnerships, expanding throughout the United States, Groff said. SS n to push us to be the No. 1 most successful software company in the security industry." The merger will allow for more work between the companies, improving each company's products, as well as distinct benefits for users of both companies, Coles said. "We will have a roadmap that includes all of our products now, and there will be integration between the products," he s a i d . " B e i n g able to see the whole picture is the biggest thing." Coles plans t o s h a re h i s vision for the new company a l o n g w i t h immediate plans for the future at the 2018 Bold Users Conference taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from July 31 to Aug. 2. "Bold customers and vendors and partners that have contacted me— it's all been very positive," Coles said. "I really do think it's a win-win. That's part of the reason I'm excited," said Coles. SS n Dynamark forms strategic alliance Continued on next page Continued from page 1 Merger Continued from page 1 Chris Newhook "I really do think it's a win-win. That's part of the reason I'm excited." —Rod Coles, Bold t echnologies

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