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The role of voice in security growing Rick Rector, PUBLISHER Brook Taliaferro, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Paul Ragusa, EDITOR Spencer Ives, MANAGING EDITOR Peter Macijauskas, E-MEDIA MANAGER SEND PRESS RELEASES TO: EDITORIAL OFFICE Tel: 207-846-0600 ADVERTISING OFFICE Security Systems News 106 Lafayette St., PO Box 998 Yarmouth, ME 04096 Tel: 207-846-0600 NEW ENGLAND STATES AND EASTERN CANADA Rick Rector, President & PUBLISHER Tel: 207-846-0600, Ext. 267 MIDWEST AND EASTERN STATES Brad Durost, REGIONAL SALES MANAGER 207-846-0600, Ext. 274 WESTERN STATES AND WESTERN CANADA Rob Akert, REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR Tel: 623-376-9513 MARKETPLACE SALES Cath Daggett Tel: 207-846-0600, Ext. 300 Lise Dubois, PRODUCTION DIRECTOR SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Security Systems News PO Box 1888 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888 800-553-8878 Publishers of specialized business publications CEO PRESIDENT J.G. Taliaferro Jr. Rick Rector For custom reprints or digital reuse, please contact our reprint partner, The YGS Group, by calling 717-505-9701, Ext. 100, or by visiting the industry, while 35 percent said that it's too soon to gauge voice's potential industry impact. Looking at the role of the voice beyond the home, there are some challenges, such as privacy and data security concerns, as well as the overall security of the network. But, the potential for this technology will drive solutions that are suited for a more com- mercial environment. I can see voice used within all areas of a building as part of a multi-authentication protocol to gain access to doors, secured assets, etc. How long it takes before we get there is the big question. As Sliwon pointed out, "We are still at early, early stages of deploy- ing voice control in intrusion systems. Therefore, the operational side of things still has to be worked out in terms of what [is] the safest way, and what is still the most convenient way." A n interesting theme this month is the increasing role of the voice within security. The proliferation of voice assistants in the home is driving advances in speech recognition technology, natural language processing capabilities including AI systems that learn the subtleties in accents and dialects. The area, while still in its infancy, has gar- nered a lot of consumer interest, which is carry- ing over to the commer- cial market, where people are looking to see how this can translate into the offi ce and within businesses, retail opera- tions, for example. In this month's stats piece (see page 2), Security Systems News' managing editor Spencer Ives looks at IHS Markit's recently released data showing that the market for voice operated alarm systems will be grow- ing to 2022. IHS Markit analyst Anna Sliwon told SSN that voice control offers a good selling tech- nique, such as through including a voice assistant device with alarm systems. "When you're approaching a customer, they are presented with a system which can basically very well integrate into their daily living; it makes sure that it protects their property, but also makes the whole process of interacting with the system much easier, and simpler, and nicer," Sliwon said. This month's News Poll also looked at the role of voice within security. Interestingly, 57 percent of poll respondents were positive on voice as a user interface. An additional 27 percent said that it has value for some uses. Looking to the future, 59 percent of respondents said voice control is good for Paul Ragusa anyone else working directly with the gov- ernment end user, this means knowing exact- ly what PIV and PACS means, knowing what products can be used that meet the require- ments, and knowing exactly how far into the facility a PIV-enabled device can be installed. Understanding the use and potential application of a broad range of locks allows integrators to offer government facilities the ability to enforce strong authentication protocols at the main entry points into the building and extend their PACS to interior openings at a lower cost by using WiFi or PoE network infrastructure. It even allows the use of a server cabinet lock built for PIV support to protect critical government data. Meanwhile, at exterior doors where strong authentication is required, government facili- ties can utilize electro-mechanical locks, elec- tric strikes and PIV-enabled card readers for hardwired applications. Ensuring that these locks work with an authentication module and validation services is critical to not only providing advanced security, but also to meeting the government requirements. Huge Opportunity One of the reasons this is such a huge opportunity for integrators is that not every- one will be willing to take on the respon- sibility of becoming more aware of govern- ment regulations. Further, those who don't properly educate themselves and don't build a supporting network of partners are less likely to appropriately and properly bid for the contracts. This leaves the educated provider with a solid section of potential business. There are approximately 6 million PIV credentials used at federal facilities. And the need to be able to use those credentials throughout the facilities, not just at the main entry points, is critical. Jeff Huggins is director of government programs for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. Continued from page 10 GOVERNMENT 2MP IR Starlight Vari-focal ePoE Dome N25CL5Z Intelligent Solutions for a Safer World Learn more at Education Retail Banking Residential Transportation Each year, highly sophisticated criminals steal millions of dollars from banks and financial institutions. As a result, the safety of customers and staff is a top concern. Thanks to breakthrough technologies in video surveillance, the right solution can add increased functionality for optimal results, offer business analytics for running a more efficient environment, and provide high definition images as a proactive security measure. #IntelligentSolutionsForYou Intelligent Solutions for: Banking Onboard Storage Fail safe recording Onboard Storage Onboard Storage Fail safe recording True Wide Dynamic Range Overcome challenging lighting from window glare Compatibility Compatible with any PoE device EDITORIAL 11 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS AUGUST 2018

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