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AUG 2018

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Page 14 of 44 August 2018 s EC u RI t Y s Y st EM s NEW s Guest Commentary 10 requirements and regulations for these projects. A Recent Example My personal experience is in the world of doors, openings and door hardware products that provide the physical barriers and access con- trol components for government facilities. In that field, the federal government's Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) program coordinates the imple- mentation of security protocols that manage, monitor and secure access to these facilities and the way they handle access control. While these mandates are designed to increase security, they also come with con- siderable opportunity for those looking to install, supply and work with government entities. Many of the changes come as a result of the increase in security since the Sept. 11 attacks. With the creation of the Depart- ment of Home- land Security in 2003, a mandate was put in place to unify identity and authentication infrastructure for all federal employees and con- tractors. The result of this push is the 2005 introduction of the FIPS 201 Per- sonal Identity Verification, or PIV, requirements for federal employ- ees and contractors. We are now at a point where new and existing access control systems, both physi- cal and logical, are expected to sup- port these PIV requirements along with other FICAM processes. Today, every federal employee and contractor is issued a PIV ID Card. The standard specifies the archi- tecture and technical requirements for a common identification stan- dard for federal employees and contractors. The overall goal is to achieve appropriate security assur- ance for multiple applications by efficiently verifying the identity of individuals seeking physical access to federally controlled government facilities and logical access to gov- ernment information systems. Regulations also provide techni- cal guidance and recommendations for the use of PIV Cards in Physi- cal Access Control Systems (PACS), enabling federal agencies to operate as government-wide interoperable enterprises. What You Should Know For manufacturers, these new regulations mean providing a full range of access control locks that support these PIV capabilities, offering government facilities an easy, affordable way to expand their PACS. For integrators, dealers or Learn more about our Authorized Dealer Program 855.677.3598 | When you choose Guardian's Authorized Dealer Program, you're working with an experienced industry leader who has a track record in coaching dealers to prosperity. Choosing Guardian means choosing success, through funding, mentorship, incentives and support. CHOOSE SUCCESS PARTNER WITH GUARDIAN Competitive Packages & Sales Incentives Customer Equipment Financing Dedicated Resource Daily Funding Selling Only and Traditional Options Equipment Pricing Program the building and people within, the requirements and expectations for security dealers and integrators taking on government contracts are incredibly high. Typically, when asked to dis- cuss subjects pertinent to security issues, I begin with solutions—the products that address particular challenges an industry is facing. By Jeff Huggins G o V e R n M en T C on TRACTS on any level—be they feder- al, state or municipal—can be complex. And in no other indus- try is the complexity more prevalent than in security. Whether it is in the systems that protect the networks where data lives, or the physical security components that protect Securing new opportunities in the government security sector Jeff Huggins However, when it comes to the government sector, I feel it is para- mount to start with recommending that those in the security industry develop strong, meaningful and trustworthy partnerships to help navigate the specifics. To reduce complexity, you need a strong team not only in your own business, but surrounding you in the form of partnerships. That means integrators must be closely connected with dealers they trust and be communicating constantly with manufacturers with whom they can build a long-term relationship. To ensure the con- tinued success of winning these government contracts, every party must be on the same page with the Government see page 11

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