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NOV 2017

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NEWS By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—In August and September large weather e v e n t s — H u r r i c a n e s H a r v e y and Irma—made landfall in the United States; Security Systems News asked its readers how they prepare ahead of natural disas- ters, and what can be done for those affected. Av a n t G u a rd , a w h o l e s a l e monitoring center headquar- tered in Utah, sends messag- ing out to its dealers ahead of a weather event, describing how the center will handle the upcoming storm, AvantGuard's marketing director Sonja Jor- gensen wrote in. "We have suc- cessfully used this method on a consistent basis and are always looking for ways to more effi- ciently and compassionately come to the aid of subscribers," How do security companies prepare for natural disasters? she said. Sixty-three percent of poll re s p o n d e n t s s a i d t h e y h a d customers impacted by recent storms—19 percent of which said it affected "Only a few" of Have you had customers affected by recent weather events? How does your company prepare for events like hurricanes? What can the industry do to help those affected? News Poll based on answers provided by respondents in September. Figures may not add up to 100 percent as a result of rounding. F O CUS O N… protecting people, premises and profits. Our security solutions do much more than protect your manufacturing premises. With AXIS Camera Station software, you can manage your system remotely and even add smart features such as audio communication, access control and analytics. And that's just a start. It's all designed for simple set-up to make your job easier, so you can focus on productivity. Choose an Axis recorder pre-installed with AXIS Camera Station. Discover more at their subscribers. Thirty-eight percent said that there customer base was not affected. When it comes to prepara- tion for events like hurricanes, 33 percent of respondents said that their company contacts potentially affected customers. Fifty-three percent said they increase staffing to deal with more alarm traffic. Thirteen percent said they provide their customers with safety and pre- paredness tips. Most respondents—56 per- cent—said that a coordinated industry effort would be the best way to help those impacted by weather events. Direct sup- port and volunteering from the industry would help the most, according to 44 percent. Given the option, zero respondents pointed to raising awareness and fundraising as the most benefi- cial channel for helping those that need it. SSN SSN News Poll: 56 percent support the idea of a coordinated industry effort to help those affected SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Nov EM b ER 2017 NEWS 3

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