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NOV 2017

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Page 40 of 44 NOVEMBER 2017 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 36 Editor's note: The companies listed in this special section submitted product information in response to a call for products for this month's feature. Security Systems News is not responsible for the accuracy of the content in the product descriptions. Product Spotlight: VMS When you partner with Guardian through our Authorized Dealer Program, you have options to truly help your business thrive. This includes the option to be paid every day for new accounts, giving you the cashflow you need to aggressively grow your business. • Have funds automatically transferred into your bank account • Get paid within 24 hours of account acquisition • Help to improve your business cash flow • Position yourself to take advantage of growth opportunities Daily Funding for Every Dealer. It's no myth. Learn more about our Authorized Dealer Program 855.677.3598 Bosch Security Systems Bosch Vid E o Manag EME nt s yst EM 7.5 ■ Maximizes resilience to keep operations up and running even during a server failure ■ Reduces cost of ownership with management of up to 2000 cameras with a single server ■ Scalable solutions for systems of any size Honeywell Security & Fire M a XPR o ® VM s 450 ■ Analytics-based detection, health monitoring, and advanced security encryption to web and mobile ■ Supports latest 4K resolution, multi-imager cameras and fisheye cameras ■ Includes temperature intelligence with thermal cameras and live view with 1080p camera streams March Networks Ma R ch nE two R ks c o MM and cE nt ER ■ Decodes as many as 32 video streams per monitor, from multiple locations ■ Provides intelligent alarm management and easy-to- follow escalation procedures ■ Runs on COTS servers and workstations, and can support multiple display monitors on a single workstation Johnson Controls V icto R /VE V 5.0 ■ New detection and analytics features boost visibility of customer's security environment ■ License plate-recognition, perimeter detection, edge-based SD-card failover redundancy capabilities ■ Enhanced user interface simplifies daily activities with dark and light theme options 3xLOGIC V igi L V500 h y BR id ■ Perfect replacement solution for aging analog DVRs ■ Hybrid: 32 total channel NVR-- 16-channel HD analog, 16-port embedded PoE ■ Enjoy high resolution video; fully leverage existing analog investment LILIN Americas n a V igato R Ent ERPR is E V2 VM s s oftwa RE ■ Manage up to 108 IP cameras, video archiving, eMapping ■ Supports up to 4K UHD 30FPS and 1080P cameras at 120FPS ■ Optional Control Center 2.0 manages up to 4600 connected Navigator Enterprise Servers FLIR Systems, Inc. f L i R Unit E d VM s 8.0 ■ SIA New Product Showcase 2017 Winner for VMS category ■ Comprehensive, enterprise-level solution that manages large and multi-location video operations ■ Comprises FLIR Latitude software, as well as FLIR Horizon and FLIR Meridian network video recorders Pelco by Schneider Electric Vid E oX PER t™ P R of E ssiona L VM s ■ VMS tailored for small to mid- size installations of up to 100 cameras ■ Intuitive user interface and designed for easy installation ■ Easy access to actionable information and robust feature set that users demand OnSSI o c UL a R s 5 VM s ■ H.265 compression for exceptional image quality and reduction of video bandwidth and storage ■ Client update prompts with automatic deployment options; new Ocularis 5 Web functions ■ M2O (Mobile-to-Ocularis) live streaming capability for iOS and Android Avigilon aV igi L on c ont R o L cE nt ER 6.6 softwa RE ■ Avigilon's newest and most advanced video management software ■ Designed to make searching for a person as easy as searching the internet ■ Offers native support with Avigilon's Access Control Manager (ACM) system

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