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NOV 2017

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As a security surveillance system installer you know the #1 reason customer's purchase — to watch over and protect what they value most! Whether it's a business, personal residence, or warehouse - they want to know that their valuables are secure. But can you assure them that their data is secure? Some of our competitors send customer's data to China, leaving their data vulnerable. Speco Technologies ® provides FREE U.S.-based DDNS servers, which means customer's are less likely to be victims of a cyberattacks. Speco products ensure that all data stays safe and lives right here is the U.S. Don't you want to give your customer that peace of mind? DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CUSTOMER'S DATA IS BEING STORED? You May Be Surprised! 1.800.645.5516 • Nick Perry of Northstar talks about his home security system N ick Perry, NorthStar Alarm Services' vice president of business development, joined the company in January and has been focused on building and supporting North- Star's new Authorized Affiliate Funding Program. Security Sys- tems News talked with Perry in early October about the home security system he currently has and what he likes about it. What kind of security system do you have? I currently have a 2GIG GoControl system. It, of course, has all of the standard security sensors—as well as a number of connected home devices such as door locks and smart ther- mostats. Why this particular setup? I'm always installing new equipment in my house; so, it's sort of a revolving lineup. If you ask me next month, I might have a GoControl 3 or a Honeywell Lyric in my house. But, they're all great panels and I'm always trying to keep my finger on the pulse of what our affiliates are installing out in the field. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? For me, it is the professional monitoring and the ability to view into the system on my phone. I'm on the road quite a bit, so knowing that my wife and kids are protected … and being looked after is priceless to me. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? I don't think you can ignore all of the new entrants into the space, such as the tech companies and big box stores. I think we're going to see increased DIY products and more useful and intuitive connected home features. I also think there's a race to get a hub in the home that's going to tie into all of your electronic devices at some point. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Perry has a 2GIG GoControl system. cloud solutions to segmented storage such as Hitachi VMP, or EMC DELL. Taking this into account, the world of security is no longer harnessed by equip- ment but thin application layers working in harmony in an IoT world. What do you see on the hori- zon for the industry? As I have written about extensively, the convergence of information technology, operational technology, and physical security has arrived. Today, the world has seen how physical, logical, and electronic controls are inter- twined and affected by one another. With examples such as the Metcalf incident in San Jose to the Target and Sony breach, we are seeing that attacks are being waged on all private and public facili- ties through IT and physical controls. With this in mind, manufacturers of security products and services are being pressed by not only the need for better integra- tion with IT, OT, and physical security, but the public and private desire for ease of use and a cohesiveness within the Internet of Things. This leads to only one for- midable question: How do we create the most effective process for acceptance of allowing the three worlds to work in harmony and create solutions that not only solve problems but also keep them at bay? With this in mind, manu- facturers and service pro- viders are realizing that the next phase must be educat- ing clients in understand- ing that it is crucial to bring physical security and IT together under the umbrella of 'risk.' The proactive nature of security and the Internet of Things are the only hope to preventing attacks that are stealing headlines daily. —Paul Ragusa Specifically Speaking features Q-and-A with a different security consultant every month. Consul- tants are provided to Security Sys- tems News by SecuritySpecifiers. S P eaki N g Continued from page 6 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Nov EM b ER 2017 NEWS 7

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