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SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS o CT ob ER 2017 suppliers 29 current delta of the count are maintained and displayed. Video analytics are a powerful tool for small business owners. Aaron Diaz, the owner of Gulf Coast Hardware stores in Southwest Florida, described his intended use. "Our store is nearly 6,000 square feet with additional outside retail areas and I'm really excited about the ability to receive alerts based on activity in areas I specify," Diaz said in the press release. "The counting will come in handy for me to gain a better understanding of the number of daily visitors, who may or may not make a purchase." Founded in 2012, Eagle Eye Networks Inc. is a global provider of cloud-based video surveillance solutions. SSN Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS—no analytic functions of the camera are required. Eagle Eye Analytics work with both analog and IP cameras supported by the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS. Businesses do not need to replace their existing cameras to have access to Eagle Eye Analytics. "Eagle Eye Analytics are a true cloud solution that are available on demand, per camera, instantly activated, and customers are only charged for what they use," Eagle Eye Network's founder and CEO Dean Drako said in the announcement. "Over the next few years, customers will have the option to turn on more sophisticated analytics as Eagle Eye Networks' cloud-based model leads the physical security industry in making analytics more functional and more accessible." Francis pointed out that the plan is to add a few more security-focused analytics by year's end, and additional business-focused analytics in 2018. "There are lists and lists of common secu- rity analytics, but what I think is much more important is in 2018, when we start adding more business analytics than security analyt- ics, enabling businesses to create their own business intelligence," he explained, noting that the ability to deploy analytics quickly and without upfront hardware or software investment shows the long-term advantages of a cloud-based solution. The following analytics are now available: • Line Crossing: Detects when an object crosses a virtual line. Direction may be speci- fied and notifications may be generated. It is useful for receiving notifications when a security boundary (fence, restricted area, one way road) is crossed. It is also well suited for monitoring building entrances, loading docks, and parking lots. • Intrusion Detection: Detects when an object enters a customer-defined area. Intrusion detection is used to generate a notification when an object enters that for- bidden area. • Object Counting: Counts how many objects cross a line in either directions. This can be used for counting cars, people, or other objects. Total count per day, per direction, and Eagle Eye Networks adds cloud-based analytics Continued from page 1 By Paul Ragusa DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Jim Clark, seri- al entrepreneur and founder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape, WebMD, MyCFO and Shutterfly, recently announced the launch of his latest business venture, CommandScape, an integrated building management system for commercial and premium residential properties. CommandScape will provide physi- cal security, lighting, shade control, video surveillance and the ability to incorporate motion detection for auto- mation and notification purposes all wrapped in a cybersecure envelope, the press release read. Additional building management capabilities, including network monitoring, climate control, energy monitoring, access control, home entertainment and multimedia are on the product roadmap for the future. "There has been limited building management innovation over the last several years and in turn, there remains a need for a highly secure and integrated control system suitable for commercial properties and large homes," Clark said in the announcement. "CommandScape solves that problem with the next generation of security and control that allows users to connect and man- age their property though an intuitive application anywhere and anytime. Our world class leadership and engineer- ing teams have worked to perfect the system for anyone who is authorized to interact with it." Don Boerema, who was formerly with ADT, was appointed president and CEO of the new company. "Our go-to-market strategy will be focused on commercial buildings and large residential homes around the coun- try," Boerema told Security Systems News. "For the long term, CommandScape will aim to represent the standard of building management, with certificate- based authentication that enables a cybersecure environment." SSN Jim Clark starts new company StoneLock names Jim Trani CTO By Spencer Ives KANSAS CITY, Kan.—StoneLock, a bio- metrics company focused on designing and manufacturing access control and identity management solutions, announced recently that Jim Trani is the company's CTO. "My job, basically, is to create that vision of what we need to do to take us out of our advanced startup mode into a full-blown, high-tech producer, and to implement that," Trani told Security Systems News. StoneLock's readers use near-infrared light to see multiple layers of a persons face. "We process a near-infrared image, and from that, we derive our biometric data that is used for match on subsequent verification," Trani said. This process is completed at an edge device, as opposed to leveraging surveillance cameras and servers, he noted. "[Biometrics] has never really made the inroads that I think it could make. And, I think our introduction of near-infrared, and the performance we get from that, and bringing it out to the edge like we do, really allows facial recognition to emerge as the gold standard for biometrics," Trani said. He continued, "I believe that over the next three to five years, with the way we've structured ourselves, biometrics can be in every household, and it can affect your life in many more ways than just being a mechanism to get you through a door at some institutional facility." Trani has "40 years of experience in research and development of engineer- ing solutions," the announcement noted. Trani previously worked with Tyco, Pelco, Infographic Systems and Compass Technologies/Wheelock. StoneLock was started in 2012. The company, based here, has about 40 employ- ees globally. SSN PIVOT3 Continued from page 27 certifications and support organiza- tions," Maisano said. "The certifica- tions will increase the deal registra- tion discounts in each tier. This will provide a better economics from margins, services income and value provided to the end customer." Maisano said that feedback from Pivot3's partners played a role in the development of these program changes. "We also just formalized our Partner Advisory Board, so I'm especially excited to hear the ongoing feedback through our pilot programs, exclusive previews and pre-training." The Partner Advisory Board "is currently made up of six members and will be increased to 12, incor- porating a diverse mix of partners serving multiple markets," said Maisano. 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