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OCT 2017

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Visit us at ISC West In Las Vegas | April 5-7, 2017 Booth #23089 Visit us at ISC West In Las Vegas | April 5-7, 2016 Booth #23089 S ec U r I t Y SYS te MS N e WS Oct O ber 2017 Monitoring 19 We make your company more valuable. 877.725.1114 • Keep updated on our new products and features: @dmpalarms Up Your Installation Game A smart-breakthrough-technology app for technicians uses Automated Panel Programming to cut install times and save you money. With complete panel programming, instant access to documentation, troubleshooting information, zone statuses, Wi-Fi signal strength, cellular-device activation and more, techies will have a dynamic resource on hand for painless installs. a lot of talk and buzz about cellular and mobile PERS—as there should be, because it's a growing market. But, there's also still a very great, high demand for in-home cellular- based units and in-home landline PERS units, and the peripherals that come with that like fall detec- tion and smoke detectors and active monitoring," said Bangerter. Herranen sees the mobile PERS market growing faster than for tra- ditional PERS, and doesn't expect that to change, though there will still be a market for both solutions. "We feel that the most likely scenario will be that people start with mobile PERS when they are younger and still on the move a lot," Herranen said. "But, even- tually, they might actually move directly to the … stationary home-based PERS solu- tions." Home-based PERS come with some convenience factors, such as lighter wearables, Herranen said, which con- tinue to promote station- ary systems. "While mobile PERS is certainly accelerating, we still see the vast majority of PERS users desiring devices for inside their home," American Two-Way's Baskin said. "When you look at … the typical person that is using a PERS device, or that needs a PERS device, that person is generally with some- one when they are not in the home." New features have been brought into mPERS devices such as fall detection, Herranen noted, which gives dealers more RMR opportuni- ties and more benefits to end users. "There's definitely still room for improvement in terms of accuracy [with fall detection]," Herranen said. offering and telehealth hub. "It has Wi-Fi built into it, Bluetooth, BLE, voice recognition. … It's a more expensive in-home cellular unit, with all of those features, but it does address the growing market of—and the growing demand for—a PERS/ telehealth solution," Bangerter said, adding that the myConnect system will utilize the cloud. Anu Herranen, Nortek Security & Control director of marketing and branding, sees the cloud as a big opportunity for the PERS space. EverThere, the company's cloud based platform incorporated with its PERS solutions, compiles health data from connected devices for caregivers to better understand a PERS user's health and possibly take preventative measures based on trends. Through Linear and Numera brands, Nortek has been active in the PERS market for decades, Herranen said. The company provides a range of solutions—both traditional sta- tionary PERS and mPERS including Numera's Libris. "We acknowledge that the cloud integration is one of the key areas to focus on in the future," Herranen said. " W h a t d o e s that mean for the end user? That's just being able to access m o r e i n f o r- mation, being able to be more proactive, both for the actual user—being able to be more responsible of their own personal health—and then for the caregiver." Herranen expanded on what the types of data that cloud integration could help transmit. "It could be simple emergency related informa- tion, it could be fall related informa- tion, but more intelligent, meaning that we would always attach addi- tional pieces of data into that specific event, like location or recent device activity," she said. Working with the cloud also helps Nortek Security & Control inte- grate with its monitoring partners, Herranen said. Adams also mentioned the value cloud integration has with the abil- ity to give an end user's physician a collection of medical information from over a period of time. Over the past several years, mobile PERS devices have had a bigger pres- ence in the market and Wearable Health Solutions' Adams predicts the market will shift more to mPERS solutions. "While there's still a huge market for the [home-based] unit … I believe that it's just a matter of time before it has to be more [of] a mobile thing," he said. Bangerter sees mPERS' presence in the market, but doesn't think that in-home units will diminish. "There's Ronnie Adams Ryan Bangerter PERS Continued from page 17 PERS see page 22

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