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OCT 2017

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S ec U r I t Y SYS te MS N e WS Oct O ber 2017 Monitoring 17 Your Complete High Volume Residential Sales Program PRE-PROGRAMMED SECURITY SYSTEMS • SALES TRAINING PROGRAM • SECURA SALES APP Brought to you by To learn more go to By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—The PERS space has been evolving much in the past several years, now with several conferences that discuss the topic, including the MAMA annual meeting, Affiliated Monitoring's Catalyst and The PERS Summit. Security Systems News spoke with four executives in the PERS space to hear where the technology is today, and what the market will look like in the next several years. "PERS is a fantastic solution, and certainly alarm dealers or any com- pany that is in the home and offer- ing solutions for the home should certainly be looking to offer PERS— whether that's an in-home PERS device or whether that's a mobile PERS device, it's a great mar- ket to be in," Christopher Baskin, CEO of American Two- Way, told SSN. "Where we see solutions for seniors—really over the long haul—is the com- bination of connected home and connected health." Baskin gave the example that if a subscriber presses their PERS button and American Two-Way dispatches, they have the ability to unlock the front door so that it is not harmed by first responders. American Two-Way is a company that handles a range of responsibili- ties in the PERS and mPERS space, including monitoring and fulfill- ment for a base of dealers, as well as manufacturing with the product SilverFox Link. The company also handles monitoring for the con- nected home, connected automotive, and connected health spaces. Ronnie Adams, president and CEO of Wearable Health Solutions, pointed to connectivity as a current change in PERS technologies. "We feel that the market is definitely moving toward better connectivity, which means into the LTE space," Adams said. An LTE connection will be able to transmit data in a stronger and faster way, leading to more telehealth capabilities, accord- ing to Adams. Wearable Health Solutions, for- merly Medical Alarm Concepts, has been in the space since 2008. The company first released a 2G mPERS device, followed by a 3G mPERS device released in March 2017. Ryan Bangerter, business develop- ment director and sales and market- ing director for Mytrex, also lauded the use of LTE, highlighting a few of the benefits. "The longevity of LTE is the most important," he said. "The second benefit to LTE is speed. We are able to do a lot more with LTE because of the speed of the data; calls will be answered much [more] quickly," said Bangerter. "The other benefit—and it has to do with speed¬—is that the data that you can send over LTE is much less expensive and more effective, which means that you can add features to the overall product at a lower cost." Mytrex, founded in 1986, focuses on in-home PERS units, both with landline and cellular connections. "Our landline and our cellular units are selling at about a 50-50 rate right now," Bangerter said. Mytrex is rolling out its MXD-LTE unit in October 2017. This will be a lower cost cellular in-home unit that has an LTE connection, he said. "The sunset of 3G is real, and people are going to start realizing that next year." Baskin sees PERS evolving and being incorporated into telehealth. "We really feel at American Two-Way that PERS will soon be a line item … to a greater aging-in-place solution for the home," he said. He pointed to the fact that PERS devices are beginning to be more connected to other home medical devices, such as blood pressure or glucose meters. "As the technology changes, the demand is changing, and you have a couple things going on. Aging-in- place is a massive push for every- body across different markets and industries and PERS is going that way. There's been a lot of talk about telehealth over the past five [to] 10 years," Bangerter said. M y t r e x i s d e v e l o p i n g myConnect, a combined PERS Medical monitoring: A current PERSpective C. Baskin PERS see page 19

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