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OCT 2017

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As a security surveillance system installer you know the #1 reason customer's purchase — to watch over and protect what they value most! Whether it's a business, personal residence, or warehouse - they want to know that their valuables are secure. But can you assure them that their data is secure? Some of our competitors send customer's data to China, leaving their data vulnerable. Speco Technologies ® provides FREE U.S.-based DDNS servers, which means customer's are less likely to be victims of a cyberattacks. Speco products ensure that all data stays safe and lives right here is the U.S. Don't you want to give your customer that peace of mind? DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CUSTOMER'S DATA IS BEING STORED? You May Be Surprised! 1.800.645.5516 • Vector Security's Rick Simpson talks about how he set up his home security system R ick Simpson, vice president technical services of Vector Security, has been with the company for 33 years. He "started as a service technician, then moved up through the ranks." Simpson is a past chair of the ESA Standards Fire/Life Safety Committee and currently represents TMA on NFPA 72. Security Systems News talked with Simpson in August about the security system he uses at home. What kind of security system do you have? I currently have a Concord 4 [from Interlogix], and we have a full perim- eter system. So, all of the doors are protected and then, internally, we have motion detectors. [I also have] a full fire alarm system that's connected to the Concord. Why this particular setup? We installed it when the house was built, so, it's about 11 years ago. At the time, it was our go-to product; it was our main product that we used at Vector in 2005/2006. … It's performed well, and then obviously we have interactive services through That provides us both communications outside of the house and then to the central station. At the same time, it also controls our home automation. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? Besides security, I think that the integration between security and automation is absolutely critical; the idea that they both work in constant communications with each other, and the flexibility to allow us to make changes. … The capabilities of the interactive services between security and automation is probably the one thing that I think is so valuable today. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? I think the continual evolution of blending security with automation and then, on top of that, … the development of artificial intelligence [is a big trend]. The ability of the system to better understand how that user interacts, to take some of that thinking away, where the artificial intelligence would do something. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Simpson chose a Concord 4 for his home. New S Poll Continued from page 3 reduction. Also, Florida has a pro- vision in the building code disal- lowing fines except for erroneous technician-generated alarms." F i f t y - n i n e p e rc e n t o f p o l l respondents said that more edu- cation for end users is needed to reduce false alarm rates overall. Thirty percent see better col- laboration between the security industry and city officials as the best solution for false alarm rates. According to 11 percent, alarm dealers and installers should be most responsible for dealing with false alarms. "As an employee of a Central Station, I know first hand that proper training of the subscriber is essential," another reader said. SSN also asked readers whether they expect more false alarm ordi- nances harmful to the industry. Just over half of respondents—51 percent—said yes, there have been more lately. Forty-six per- cent predicted that the problem will continue at the same rate. Only 3 percent said the matter of harmful ordinances has been lessening. SSN SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS O CTO b ER 2017 NEWS 7

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