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se CU r I t Y s Y stems N e W s september 2017 Commer C ial & systems integrators 19 SecureXperts partners with PSA Security By Paul Ragusa C A P E C A N AV E R A L , F l a . — SecureXperts, an information security technology and consulting firm, announced on July 17 that it is partnering with PSA Security Network, a leading security and systems integrator cooperative, to offer cybersecurity consulting and vulnerability assessment services as part of PSA's business solutions for cybersecurity partnership port- folio. T h e P S A business solu- tions program for cyberse- c u r i t y p a r t - n e r s d e m - onstrates its commitment to increasing cybersecurity awareness among systems integrators that support next generation network con- nected devices. "PSA and what they are doing is so valuable to the industry right now," Darnell Washington, presi- dent and CEO of SecureXperts, told Security Systems News. "We are really hoping to make an impact because the cyber-physical convergence leaves the people who are in the physical security indus- try, especially the systems integra- tors, in need of quick answers; they need help now." He pointed out that with today's focus on cybersecurity, stakehold- ers are mandating that systems integrators prove that they can pro- tect their own information systems before offering to protect clients' physical and logical information assets. "We have gotten extreme levels of support from the industry because this is something that they have determined that they really need," he said. Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA, said in the announce- ment, "We selected SecureXperts internally for our own cyberse- curity needs based on the proven standards-based assessment meth- odologies and solution delivery process presented by SecureXperts. Since then, SecureXperts has gone on to provide several members with technical training, cyber hygiene, and comprehensive cyber- related services to other PSA mem- bers with high levels of customer satisfaction and professionalism. We are pleased to now offer these services on a broader level to more systems integrators." Through their partnership with SecureXperts, PSA is now able to offer multi-tiered cyber solutions that can be tailored to fit the needs of security integrators and their customers of all sizes, Washington noted, adding that the new offer- ing allows PSA integrators to pass along robust cybersecurity offerings to their customers at affordable prices, enabling increased margins and revenue for those integrators who do not have in-house cybersecurity expertise. "Cybersecurity is a profitable business because of the need right now and we can provide monthly recurring revenue to the systems integrators who can resell our services—and we can show them how," he explained. "Our company has made a significant investment to the success of the program and project, and I can't think of any other team better than Bill Bozeman and the team at PSA to make it happen." SecureXperts is a privately owned, vendor neutral informa- tion security firm established in February 2001 specializing in pro- viding comprehensive integrated voice, video and data security solutions that carefully align busi- ness requirements with proven, cost-effective structured security techniques and practices. PSA Security Network members have more than 300 branch loca- tions, employ nearly 6,000 security industry professionals and are responsible for more than $3.5 billion annually in security, fire and life safety installations, according to PSA. SSN Bill Bozeman

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