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By Paul Ragusa BROOMFIELD, Colo.—When Rebecca Bayne founded Bayne Consulting & Search in 2013, her idea was simple: Pro- vide focused, quality-driven consulting, search and recruitment for the physical security integration and fire and life safe- ty industries. Nearly five years later, she has remained true to that mantra, build- ing a strong brand and reputation in the industry as a "go-to" recruiter for top tal- ent. "I never wavered f ro m t h e i n t e g r a - tion piece, because I really enjoyed that part of the business," Bayne told Security Systems News. "That was always my plan and strategy—to become an expert in this area for the benefit of our clients and for the benefit of the candidates we represent." As the industry has evolved over the past decade—with physical security and IT converging—hiring quality people has become an even greater challenge for many integration companies today. "Many of the top physical security integrators are working with us because they need great people with exceptional talent—and they know that we under- stand their specific needs, especially with my background in security and IT recruiting," said Bayne, who recently hired a new recruiter, Nicole Riggs, to help meet the ever-increasing demand for BCSI's services. Riggs joins Lindsey Mailloux, senior recruiter, and Kelley Latimer, recruiter/research assistant. "Nicole brings a recent background in technology companies, which I believe will be exceptionally beneficial," said B a y n e . " T h e l a n g u a g e s p o k e n a n d approach it takes to draw in talent from that space—these contribute to the value she brings to BCSI." With 20-plus years' experience in search and recruitment and a total com- mitment to the physical security inte- gration space since 2001, Bayne and her staff work closely with clients and poten- tial hires to make sure there is a good fit. "Lindsey is a millennial, Nicole and Kelley are Gen Xers, and I am a baby boomer—so we have a nice representa- tion of all of the age brackets. This is critical in the work that we do—to be able to relate to the needs of the can- didates in each of those generational brackets," she explained. "Additionally, we need to make sure that we under- stand each security integrator's needs. As we grow, I want to continue our work with the 'A players'—the leaders in the security integration space—on what is important to them as they grow their businesses." She continued, "We don't want to fill every position, but rather the ones that are the biggest challenges for our cli- ents—this is what we are known for." Although a candidate with specialty certifications, such as the Certified Infor- mation Systems Security Professional or CISSP, is "worth their weight in gold," Bayne pointed out that companies today still heavily weigh how a candidate will fit into the overall company culture. " W h e t h e r i t i s working with very large multi-national integrators or bou- tique super region- als or small to mid- size companies, it is remarkable how much the cultural piece has to be a fit in order for it to be a long-term success for both the candidate and the company," she said. "In more cases than not, the biggest demand is for a temperament, a personality, a motivation level and dedication to our industry, which fits a culture—in a much greater way than a specific skill." Over the past few years, though, she noted companies have become "extreme- ly more focused" on finding IT-savvy professionals. "Any level of IT fluency is critical for most field and technical posi- tions—for any position that is a higher than entry or junior level," she said. "These companies need people who are able to speak to the IT decision makers, work responsibly and with awareness of their IT infrastructure, and feel comfort- able at the table when those discussions are happening with customers." Bayne and her team also spend time each day doing research, trying to stay on top of new technology and trends. "This is why I go to the major trade shows and why I take my team," she said. "I want them to see the technology first-hand, participate in the conversations, and be knowl- edgeable of the importance of this new technology, as our best integrators are operating at the forefront of all of that." She also stressed the importance of a work-life balance, for her employees as well as for the candidates she works with. "Although we are very driven here— the work that we do can be quite intense—we have a lot of fun, too," she said. "We also have a lot of fun with our clients, and many have become friends over the years. Many of the best peo- ple in this industry work hard and play hard. If you are pas- sionate about life, you are gen- erally passionate about your work. We love what we do! This is one of many reasons I am thank- ful every day for the business of BCSI, as well as the clients and candidates we serve." SSN managed services play tie in togeth- er, and there is great potential for our integrators in providing these services. It is our job here at PSA to do our due diligence on these types of partnership opportunities and new technology." From intrusion detection projects in the cannabis industry, to accurate and real-time human counting at major shopping centers, to prison violence detection, Umbo CV "has made great strides in advancing the security industry's capabilities," the announcement said, which has been the recipient of numerous accolades and honors at ISC West, Nvidia ECS, CVPR 2016, and the DARPA Robotic Challenge. Umbo's newest product, called Light, won the New Product Showcase award in the Video Ana- lytics category at ISC West 2017. " U m b o C V i s c h a n g i n g t h e approach that security is managed and reacted to by reducing costs and complexity from all angles of the integrator appointment life- cycle," Craig Patterson, director of vendor management at PSA, said in the announcement. " T h i s a p p r o a c h s t r e a m l i n e s everything from concept, to instal- lation, to deployment and training, to maintenance and support, and allows integrators to handle more customers with less work and fewer costs," Patterson said. Bozeman is excited to offer these services to PSA members, which boast more than 300 branch loca- tions, employ nearly 6,000 secu- rity industry professionals and are responsible for more than $3.5 bil- lion annually in security, fire and life safety installations. SSN Umbo Continued from page 5 BCSI grows to meet industry demand for talent Rebecca Bayne Consultant and recruiter helping integrators overcome various hiring challenges "Many of the top physical security integrators are working with us because they need great people with exceptional talent— and they know that we understand their specific needs, especially with my background in security and IT recruiting." —Rebecca b ayne, b CSI Together we can Educate Heal Nourish S E p TEM b ER 2017 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS NEWS 8

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