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CV's artificial intelligence plat- form at a reduced cost. With cloud-hosted solutions and A.I.- as-a-service, Umbo CV makes it easier to cement stronger cus- tomer ties and build sustain- able recurring monthly revenue, according to the release. "Umbo CV brings machine l e a r n i n g t o t h e f o r e f r o n t , boasting 98 percent accuracy," according to the announcement. "Customers love its quick- to-learn, easy-to-use app and desktop portal, and low-cost of entry," the announcement read. " We a re e x c i t e d t o h a v e them as a partner," Bill Boze- man, PSA Security Network's p r e s i d e n t a n d C E O , t o l d SSN. "The whole AI play and By Paul Ragusa S A N F R A N C I S C O — U m b o Computer Vision, an artificial intelligence company building autonomous video security sys- tems for businesses and organi- zations based here, on July 20 announced a new partnership with PSA Security Network, a security and systems integrator cooperative. "We are really excited to start this partnership with PSA," Shawn Guan, Umbo Computer Vision CEO, told Security Sys- tems News. "They have an amaz- ing reputation amongst the top players in the security field and to have the chance to work with them and their customers just a few years after our founding is special. We really think our A.I. technology is the best in the business and look forward to showing them what we can do." P S A c u s t o m e r s w i l l n o w receive direct access to Umbo The shortest distance to capital is straight talk. Take the express to capital. We'll clear the way for opportunity. Our Security Lending Group provides senior secured asset-based and cash flow loans to support growth, buyouts, and recapitalizations of security and national defense companies. Our transaction attributes include senior secured revolving credit facilities and term loans, fl exible and competitive advance rates, and hold sizes ranging from $5 million to $50 million. Give us a call. We're just the ticket. Will Schmidt, Managing Director, Security Finance 314.259.4206, For more information, visit CapitalSource, a division of Pacifi c Western Bank, Member FDIC Regional Security Alarm Company $45,000,000 Senior Credit Facility Lead Agent & Arranger Regional Security Alarm Company $28,000,000 Senior Credit Facility Commercial Video Monitor Company $20,000,000 Senior Credit Facility Wholesale Monitoring Company $14,000,000 Senior Credit Facility Umbo Computer Vision partners with PSA Security Network Umbo to offer its AI platform to PSA's integrators at a reduced cost Stat S Continued from page 2 especially for life safety a l a r m s — b u i l d i n g o w n - ers don't always necessar- ily replace them on time," Brink said, adding that this effects both residential and non-residential sides of the market. Facilities under more scrutiny, such as "some government facilities or financial institutions," are more likely to replace or upgrade their system when it is recommended, Brink continued. " I n a d d i t i o n , t h e re 's always going to be a share of end users that just don't think that intrusion alarms are going to be worth the cost—both the upfront cost of the equipment, as well as the ongoing cost of having them monitored," Brink said. Freedonia sees a rising interest in self-monitored alarms in the residential market, which can "act as a gateway product," accord- ing to Brink. "A lot of individuals who are looking into self- m o n i t o re d a l a r m s m a y install them and then find that they would prefer to go ahead and just pay the extra money to have them monitored, to get the full benefits, rather than rely- ing on themselves and pos- sibly missing alerts," she said. SSN "The whole AI play and managed services play tie in together, and there is great potential for our integrators in providing these services . ." — b ill b ozeman, p SA Security Network Umbo see page 8 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS S E p TEM b ER 2017 NEWS 5

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