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AUG 2017

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NEWS By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—Several industry events—including ISC West, ESX and Honeywell's CON- NECT—have had presentations dedicated to the topic of millen- nial employees and how to train them. Security Systems News received both positive and criti- cal responses when it asked for opinions on Generation Y—those born between 1980 and 2000. "Millennials are a must in the workplace for a growing com- pany," Jason Brinton, owner of Brinton Electric Security Servic- es, wrote in. "They are born in a technical age. I feel that to grow in today's society, we have to have their abilities, skills, and ideas to keep up with new trends. But, I also feel that the baby boomers' work ethics and the millennials' work ethics are very different and that will create challenges in News Poll: Industry has mixed feelings on millennials today's workplace." Several respondents said that millennial employees "just want a paycheck." One person wrote in, "They might be great with the new media & digital technologies but they have no work ethics or desire to actually 'work' for a liv- ing. They just want a paycheck!" One reader said, "They are less How many millennials do you have on staff? How has the number of millennials changed over the past year? What qualities do you see in your millennial employees? News Poll based on answers provided by respondents in June and July. Due to rounding, figures may not add up to 100 percent. Thermal detection Reliable solution with a low rate of false alarms . Exceptional detection capabilities and video analytics from the next generation. Being less sensitive to lighting problems or shadows, thermal cameras offer greater precision and generate fewer false alarms than conventional cameras in most applications. Thanks to the outstanding contrast offered by thermal imaging, AXIS Q19 Thermal Camera Series can detect reliably and with great speed, for example in monitoring perimeters. With different lens choices, the thermal network camera optimizes the detection adapted to the needs of any application. For more information, please visit Thermal detection Thermal detection about the job and more about their time off, benefits and pay." Another simply stated, "They don't care about employers." T h i r t y - s i x p e r c e n t o f respondents reported that more than 30 percent of their employ- ees are millennials. Thirty-two percent said that between 10 and 30 percent of their staff are mil- lennials and another 32 percent said their company has a few to no Gen Y employees. One respondent has a high number of millennials on staff, but cited a geographic factor for their work ethic. "Half of our proprietary staff are millenni- als, the overwhelming majority of our contract staff are. Most of them have been raised in more rural environments so there's not a significant difference between attitudes, performance [or] expectations [from] our older employees." Most respondents—64 per- cent—said that they haven't hired or lost many millennial employees N EWS Poll see page 5 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS A U g UST 2017 NEWS 3

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