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AUG 2017

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4K offers users 4x greater resolution than an average 1080p camera, recorder or monitor. Our 4K cameras capture activity in ultra high definition, allowing users to zoom into an area of interest and retain the highest image quality available. In conjunction with our 4K network video recorders, users can record all surveillance activity in ultra high definition and review the video (via playback or in real time) on our 4K monitor. View, capture and playback in 4K Ultra HD. 1.800.645.5516 • zoomed in image Jeff l ikosar talks about his favorite features in his security system J eff Likosar, ADT's CFO, entered his role—and the industry—last Octo- ber. Previously he worked in a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing and technology spaces. Likosar talked with Security Systems News in early July about his security system. What kind of security system do you have? It's, of course, an ADT-based interactive system. It includes door and window contacts throughout the home, motion detectors, smoke and CO protection along with video. And then I have several home automation features that include thermostat controls, garage door openers, door locks and lighting control. Why this particular setup? For us, it was about both security and convenience. For the security part, the important part of the setup for me was 24/7 monitoring by ADT. … As for convenience, we especially wanted to be able to integrate control of lights and thermostats and garage door into the system, along with the ability to program routine tasks. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? The professional monitoring by ADT I would put at the top of my list. As for the features, I'd say it's the ability to control it all via the ADT Pulse applica- tion. … My family and I use the system … many times daily and probably 90 percent of that usage is via the application. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? I think the key trend is the continued expansion of traditional security offerings to converge with home automation … and then over time, even more interconnectedness of devices throughout the home. Another example I should maybe mention is that ADT and Amazon recently launched a partnership to integrate ADT into Amazon's Alexa platform, which I also have in my home. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Likosar frequently acceses his system through the ADT Pulse app. sP eaki N g Continued from page 6 ning and one area we use is social media. If a client is concerned about an employee and they have "open" social media sites, we will review their sites to see if there are any indicators that they may potentially carry out an act of violence. I think that is an excellent way to predict potential threats for a variety of venues and assets. What is your view on the industry moving forward? I think technology is going to play a key role. However, I encounter a lot of "non-security" people that want to completely replace the human element with technology. Yes, there are areas where technology is more efficient and effective than people but not for everything. Security professionals need to ensure they are properly advising clients and their leadership appropriately and not giving into pressures to reduce the human factor. —Paul Ragusa Specifically Speaking features Q-and-A with a different security consultant every month. Consultants are provided to Security Systems News by SecuritySpecifiers. SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS A U g UST 2017 NEWS 7

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