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AUG 2017

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with robust advocacy efforts and SecurityPAC provides SIA with an additional and important tool to advance the policy priorities of its members." The newly formed Securi- tyPAC will raise funds solely from SIA members to support candidates for federal office who champion important industry issues, and will support matters pertaining but not limited to issues such as homeland securi- ty, cybersecurity, federal procure- ment and critical infrastructure protection. "The establishment of the SecurityPAC follows the core mission of SIA, which is 'to be a catalyst for success within the global security industry through information, insight and influ- ence,'" SIA CEO Don Erickson said in the announcement. "The Security Industry Association's political action committee will enable the association to do just that by adding a vital voice to the national dialogue during federal elections. With SecurityPAC, we will support crucial causes for the improved security posture of the entire country." Contributions to SecurityPAC are strictly voluntary and in com- pliance with statutorily defined regulations of the Federal Elec- tion Commission. SIA members with user credentials can access the SecurityPAC website at www. Employees of SIA member companies interest- ed in gaining access to the site should contact Joe Hoellerer at 301-804-4714 or jhoellerer@ SSN By Paul Ragusa SILVER SPRING, Md.—The Security Industry Association (SIA) announced on June 20 the establishment of a political action committee (PAC) called the SecurityPAC, which was formed to bolster its advocacy efforts to fully engage within the U.S. political process on matters affecting the security industry. The timing of this announce- ment couldn't be better as it comes a week before the SIA GovSummit, a leading public policy forum for the security industry set for June 28-29 on Capitol Hill and at The Liaison Capitol Hill. "SecurityPAC was established to strengthen the voice of the security industry on Capitol Hill, by enabling SIA members to support candidates for fed- eral office who will champion issues that are important to the industry," Joseph Hoellerer, SIA Government Relations manag- er told Security Systems News. "There are hundreds of trade associations in Washington News Poll Continued from page 3 in the past year. Twenty-nine percent said they've hired quite a few. Seven percent said their company has fewer millennials now than they did last year. One respondent sees no benefit in millennial employees, saying, "They make me sick." When asked about what millennials value in the workplace, 64 percent said Generation Y looks for either time off, or a good work-life balance, most. Twenty-one percent said millennials like opportunity for advancement in the work place. Fourteen percent said they value a close-knit com- pany culture. Another respondent had a variety of things to say about Generation Y: "They want a job but they don't want to work. 'Time off ' is more important than advance- ment at the workplace. [They] will avoid work- ing at the drop of a hat as well as taking extra days off after a long weekend. They are metaphysically attached to their cell phones. It's no wonder the divorce rate is so high. Because they lived with mommy and daddy till they were 30 they don't have the mentality to persevere through any difficulty or solve problems." SSN SIA raises advocacy efforts SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS A U g UST 2017 NEWS 5

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