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briefs July 2017 SEC u RIT y S y STEMS NEWS Monitoring 18 New central station, dealer self-help portal solution now available TORONTO—Mega Marketing on June 16 announced the launch of ClientHubs, a new customer management platform focused on enabling central stations and independent dealers to give their clients private, interactive and secure informa- tion sharing self-help portals. "We recognized that security related documents are at risk because of the way they have been traditionally shared within the industry," Joe Cosentino, ClientHubs co-founder and managing director, said in a prepared statement. "We also rec- ognized that while independent security companies control a majority share of the market place, they lacked the resourc- es to individually finance, develop, and implement their own much needed self- help portal solution." ClientHubs was developed to mini- mize cybersecurity risks by helping secu- rity companies to operate, communicate, and share sensitive documents with their customers within a secure platform via their own company branded SSL encrypted portals. ClientHubs is also uniquely permis- sioned to each customer where all docu- ments and information is synced in real time to ensure the secure two-way shar- ing, uploading, and downloading of any documents or media, on demand 24/7. I-View Now partners with Digital Barriers LAS VEGAS—I-View Now on June 7 announced a new partnership with Digital Barriers, a provider of visually intelligent solutions to the global surveillance, secu- rity and safety markets. At completion, the integration will process all video clips processed by I-View Now with the Digital Barriers video analytic in real time. The partnership brings a new level of intelligence to all alarms and video pro- cessed by the I-View Now central sta- tion video platform, according to the announcement. "We are very excited about this part- nership and the endeavor to bring our leading analytic services to the I-View Now Video Alarm Verification process," Mark Patrick, chief technology officer at Digital Barriers, said in the announce- ment. "We believe this relationship with Digital Barriers presents significant opportunities to provide our dealers with industry-lead- ing analytic technology to further reduce false alarms and prioritize alarm process- ing with the knowledge of human pres- ence," Larry Folsom, president of I-View Now, said in a prepared statement. "This will greatly benefit central monitoring sta- tions as it will reduce or eliminate opera- tor handling of false alarms." The first phase of the integration is projected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2017. By Spencer Ives CHICAGO—GTCR, a private equity firm based here, on June 7 announced that it entered a definitive agreement to acquire GreatCall Inc, a large provider of PERS and cellular devices to seniors. GTCR has some roots in the security space: GTCR bought Protection 1 in 2010 for $828 million, then sold the company to Apollo Management Group in 2015. GreatCall has more than 800,000 subscribers across its cellular phone and PERS device business. The company operates its main monitoring center in Carlsbad, Calif., with a second- ary facility in Reno, Nev. "Everything they do, I think we would characterize as PERS— they deliver it a bunch of differ- ent ways. Some of it is cell phone based and comes with a cellular service as well. Some of it is tra- ditional mobile PERS, pendant based." David Donnini, man- aging director for GTCR, told Security Systems News. "There's access to an operator in every- thing they offer." "We focus on recurring rev- enue service businesses, by and large—whether they're B2B, B2C. A lot of them are technol- ogy enabled. We do a fair bit of healthcare investing as well, [along with] some technol- ogy, media and telecom. This Meet Security Partners' new president By Spencer Ives LANCASTER, Pa.—Security Partners, a wholesale monitor- ing company with four centers through the United States, today announced that Randy Hall will take over as the company's presi- dent. " T h i s i s a h u g e opportunity for us. Randy is an indus- try veteran," Patrick E g a n , S e c u r i t y Partners CEO, told Security Systems News. "[Hall] has been in the field and dealing with a significant dealer base in his past responsibilities and we're just excited to have him on board." Most recently, Hall served as the director of corporate devel- opment at Alarmax Distributors. He joined the industry in 1986 and has worked with C&K Systems, The Systems Depot and Contractors Wire & Cable. "I'm really excit- ed," Hall told SSN. "I think the core ele- ments of the business are there. It's time to get the team focused ... [and] put the cus- tomer first." Hall comes with a perspec- tive different from the com- pany's previous president Mike Bodnar, Egan noted, as Hall has experience in distribution as well as wholesale monitoring. "We think he's going to bring a [really] strong sales perspec- tive to Security Partners," Egan said. "Security Partners has experienced really nice growth in the past couple of years under Mike's watch; we are now poised to take it to the next level," Egan added. Egan was pleased with the timing: Hall's first official day is today and previ- ous president Bodnar continued to serve the company through Friday, June 9. "The timing is perfect to have Randy start at the ESX show. With hundreds of dealers that will be there, it's a great way to introduce him as the new president," Egan said. The search for a new presi- d e n t b e g a n a b o u t six weeks ago, said Egan. "We were very systematic in our approach and we've interviewed a number of people in the last couple of months." Security Partners has 135 employees, more than 600 dealers and it monitors for more than 250,000 customers. The company has monitoring centers in Lancaster, Pa., Anaheim, Calif., Las Vegas and San Antonio. ss N By Spencer Ives LYNN, Mass.—Wayne Alarm Systems, a full-service security company based here, in May began offering remote video services. "We consider ourselves one-stop shopping. So, no matter what offering—from a security standpoint—someone could have, we want to be that company that can provide it," Jeff Kahn, general manager at Wayne Alarm Systems, told Security Systems News. "We know that the industry is heading toward verification. Now we're able to alert the police department as to what the person looks like, what they're wearing." Wayne Alarm has been offering remote video and verification through Videofied products. "We're thinking that we should be able to increase our apprehensions as a result of our service," Kahn said. "We feel that the offering is something that can be very beneficial to a certain group of our customer base and other companies out there," he said. "We put in CCTV systems every day, we do a good job of it, but we weren't taking it to the next level where we can provide services for the cus- tomers based on their input." A l a rg e p a r t o f t h e Wayne Alarm gets into remote video investment hits on a lot of what we do across our firm," Donnini said. It was GTCR's experience with security alarm monitoring that led the firm to GreatCall, Donnini said. "Our goal is to continue to work with the company to con- tinue to grow it. They have a business plan around entering more [of] the commercial side of the industry as well, provid- ing the service to health care insurers, health care facilities, operators and so forth who can benefit from it as well," Donnini said. "In our model, M&A is always an opportunity as well. I think there's strategic businesses in this space that we'll hope to acquire." What stood out to GTCR about GreatCall? "I think the thing that leapt out to us about GreatCall is efficiency, some of the best performance metrics and return on investment—as well as growth—in the industry," Donnini said. GTCR has thought of the PERS space as an interesting area for investment opportunity over the past five to 10 years, accord- ing to Donnini. "We are excited to partner with GTCR as we continue to provide seniors with exceptional services that provide peace of mind and extend independent living," David Inns, GreatCall's development was "the integra- tion between the software from the remote video system that we're using and our monitoring center software," Kahn said. Another key component of this service's development was understanding the various methods to get video from the site to the monitoring center, Kahn said, such as through cameras enabled from the manufacturer or through a gateway. "A lot of our existing cus- tomers may already have camera systems; so, we can incorporate one or two or more of their existing cameras into the remote viewing platform by installing this gateway," Kahn said. "Or, if they want to add cameras, we can install a separate camera that has all of that built in and tie it into their existing system for recording and also … remote service as well." Wayne is offering a few storage options for video other than traditional DVRs and NVRs, including SD cards in cameras, cloud storage and at Wayne's monitoring center. Wayne Alarm operators can also use speakers in the cameras to communicate directly with people nearby the cameras, if the customer chooses. ssN PE firm GTCR to buy GreatCall GTCR see page 19 Patrick Egan Randy Hall

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