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JUL 2017

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4K offers users 4x greater resolution than an average 1080p camera, recorder or monitor. Our 4K cameras capture activity in ultra high definition, allowing users to zoom into an area of interest and retain the highest image quality available. In conjunction with our 4K network video recorders, users can record all surveillance activity in ultra high definition and review the video (via playback or in real time) on our 4K monitor. View, capture and playback in 4K Ultra HD. 1.800.645.5516 • zoomed in image Cindy Nash discusses the setup of her home security system C indy Nash is MONI Smart Security's chief information officer and has been with the company for about 18 months. "My team and I are responsible for providing all of the technology platforms and support for the com- pany," Nash said. Security Systems News caught up with Nash to talk about her home security system. What kind of security system do you have? At home, I have a 2GIG GoControl system. [That] is my panel, and then I have a number of Z-Wave products that, for example, provide me a plethora of home automation. That includes everything from door locks to thermostats. I have cameras in place, the typical sensors. … I have some lamp modules, light switches. Why this particular setup? This setup was really tailored and streamlined to my needs. I do live in a condo and I really like the lock-and-leave convenience that my setup provides me. It allows me to be secure, whether I'm at home or I'm away, and whether I have forgotten to arm something, etc. … It gives me that convenience when I do have folks that need access to my condo when I'm away. I can manage that remotely. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? I think it absolutely is the security protection that it provides to my home. Then, the other part that I definitely wouldn't want to live without is the ASAPer application that MONI actually provides. … Traveling a lot, and from a convenience standpoint, that application allows me to identify my contacts, and if something happens when I'm away, both my contacts and I can respond to those. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? I think that some of the trends, as I see them developing, clearly are in the connected home space and in integrated experience from that perspec- tive—regardless of the device type or even brand or model. … I think the other thing that's very interesting is really cameras and video and where that's going. [I'm] seeing more and more integration of that, but also more intelligence in feature functionality around the use of those cameras and videos in the home. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Nash has a 2GIG GoControl system. News Poll Continued from page 5 our app. When a new buyer sees the features of Z-Wave, lights, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, after the fact, it's a much easier sale. The a p p , c o u p l e d with these fea- tures definitely m a k e s t h e customer rela- tionship much stickier." A s i z - a b l e m a j o r - ity of respon- d e n t s — 7 4 percent—said that the biggest s m a r t h o m e feature is cam- eras and video d o o r b e l l s . "There is a lot of interest in cameras for homes and they have real value for things like alarm verification, but cost is still a major obstacle. Cameras and recorders have become more affordable, but labor is still expensive and installation in old construc- tion slow and difficult," Gold- ring said. Eighteen percent pointed to automation and artificial intelligence as the biggest technology in the home, and 9 percent said i t w a s v o i c e integration. R e s p o n - d e n t s w e r e also reasonably divided on the primary bene- fits to offering s m a r t h o m e products. For- t y - f o u r p e r- cent said that offering smart h o m e p r o d - ucts now helps their company stay current. Tw e n t y - n i n e percent said smart home offerings bring in new cus- tomers. Twenty-six percent said customers with home automation incorporated are more loyal. SSN "For lower markets, we install the security system, then demo our app. When a new buyer sees the features of Z-Wave, lights, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, after the fact, it's a much easier sale." —Peter Goldring, ADR Security SEC u RIT y S y STEMS NEWS July 2017 NEWS 7

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