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MAY 2017

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SECURIT y S y STEMS NEWS May 2017 Monitoring 23 By Spencer Ives S Y R A C U S E , N . Y. — R a p i d Response Monitoring plans to hire 125 employees at its cor- porate headquarters, based here, over the next year, according to Christopher Denniston, the company's marketing and com- munications manager. "The positions will be primar- ily made up of operators but we do have a need to expand in other areas of the company as well," Denniston told Security Systems News. "We're definitely looking to expand our IT and technical support teams, our software development team, and also add some additional sales staff and accounting [employ- ees]." Most of the 125 hires will be for newly created positions. "A majority of the time, though, when we have a person who leaves the monitoring center, they're actually moving into another role." Rapid Response is currently working on building out its h e a d q u a rt e r s h e re , i n c re a s - ing from 40,000 square feet to 75,000 square feet, which will allow the company to add more operators. "We've been growing very rapidly through organic growth through our existing dealer base, as well as adding new dealers," Denniston said. "The external of the building has been complete for a bit of time. Now, we're working on the interior space." Denniston said. "We're excited to be in the final stages and we expect that we'll be transitioning into that space this summer" said Denniston. "Once the expansion is completed we are going to have a job fair here on site to introduce more of the community to our facility and hopefully gain some new staff members." The build-out will benefit all of the company's employees. "A large reason for the expan- sion is the team itself, and giv- ing them additional amenities that they may not have today," he said. "We're expanding our break room areas extensively for the staff, we're including some indoor/outdoor areas, some relaxation spaces, some quiet rooms, additional locker spaces, a lounge dedicated to iPad use that includes some soft seating areas." Denniston continued, "There's some stress on the [monitoring center] floor and we want them to understand we care about them as an employee and we care about the job that they do." SSN Rapid Response plans to hire 125 i t 's c l o u d - t o - c l o u d a n d the cloud is I-View Now Ready, and now the devices attached to their cloud have an extension of these ser- vices," Folsom noted. "In the case of Hikvision, … the devices themselves have firmware that is com- patible with I-View Now, and in that architecture, I-View Now is actually reaching out into the actual recorders at the edge," Folsom said, not- ing that the company's inte- gration with Speco works in a similar way. Folsom said that the time- line for integrating I-View Now is about 120 days from the agreement to its comple- tion. "One of our core com- mitments is that it's collab- orative, that we really work with the manufacturer, of course, but [also] with our dealer customers to figure out what they really want the features and benefits to be." I-View Now is currently working on integrations with EagleEye and Tyco's Sur-Gard 5. SSN Continued from page 22 I-V I ew

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