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briefs May 2017 SECURIT y S y STEMS NEWS Monitoring 22 Freeus unveiled new mobile medical alert pendants at ISC West OGDEN, Utah—Freeus LLC, an mPERS business based here, pre- sented two new 3G emergency alert pendants at ISC West 2017. "We listened to our dealers and their customers and are proud to meet their needs with these robust, low-maintenance mPERS products," Craig Pyle, Freeus VP of product, said in a prepared statement. Freeus showcased the updated Belle with WiFi location technolo- gies and the new Belle+TM, which includes fall detection and features GPS and WiFi location technologies. These two mPERS products enable Freeus dealers to offer their custom- ers even more confidence and peace of mind, the company said. An announcement that Freeus sent out prior to the show highlighted sev- eral capabilities of the Belle device with WiFi location technologies, such as its ability to us WiFi to locate users in an emergency. "We are proud to provide Freeus access to our nationwide wire- less network for Belle+ and Belle," Joe Mosele, vice president of busi- ness development, AT&T Internet of Things, said in a prepared statement. The announcement also men- tioned that, with the Belle+ with Fall Detection, GPS and WiFi, "Specialists can use GPS, WiFi and cellular trian- gulation technologies to locate the user, and they can speak with the user through the unit and view user- provided information." STANLEY announces personal protection app LAS VEGAS—At ISC West 2017 STANLEY Security debuted a new offering in personal protection: STANLEY Guard. STANLEY Guard, which will be released in Q2 2017, is a cloud hosed personal safety solution. "This solution allows users (stu- dents, lone workers, employees or executives) to send duress alerts, including audio, video, GPS location, and user profile, directly to a security command center for immediate inci- dent response," the company said. Users can choose to have either STANLEY's monitoring center or another specified security or com- mand center recieve these alerts. "Following your business' response plan, STANLEY can call the user, escalate to the closest emergency responder, dispatch a guard through the Security Response mobile app, and/or alert your internal assigned staff or security team," STANLEY said. By SSN Staff V I E N N A , Va . — O n M a rc h 16, CSAA announced that it is officially The Monitoring Association. The name change was dis- cussed among members in the second quarter of 2016. It was voted on, and passed, during CSAA's general membership meeting in early June, 2016, in Fort Worth, Texas. SSN spoke with executive director Jay Hauhn and the organization's vice president of marketing and communica- tions about CSAA's plans for 2017, including the process of changing the name. In a letter to the CSAA mem- bership, president Pamela J. Petrow noted that "our new name reflects our renewed commitment to our mission: to advance the professional monitoring industry through education, advocacy and public safety relationships. It also emphasizes our long range goals to grow the association beyond our traditional services to embrace the opportunities of our changing industry." She added that the new name's meaning "will be reflected in all future initiatives of [the] association." A s s o c i a t i o n p r o g r a m s i n c l u d i n g F i v e D i a m o n d , Excellence Awards, Online Training, and the Annual Meeting and Fall Operations I-View Now announces new partnerships By Spencer Ives HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now, a cloud-based video plat- form company based here, recently announced new capa- bilities with COPS Monitoring, Bosch, Hikvision and OpenEye. "We're very excited. COPS Monitoring is a very large wholesaler, and by releasing [OmniView], they're now going into video verification and real- ly what we describe as central station monitoring video ser- vices," Larry Folsom, president and CEO of I-View Now, told Security Systems News. OmniView, a service branded by COPS, is powered by I-View Now's platform, which includes video verification capabilities, video device health monitoring and video guard tours. "This is a way for a dealer to add these services to the product that they were already going to sell to their end user," Folsom said. T h e i n t e g r a - tion with the com- pany's proprietar y Generations auto- mation platform was c o m p l e t e d a h e a d of ISC West 2017, according to Folsom. "The fact that it was a custom integration to Generations was probably the largest challenge and the best opportunity," he said. "Hundreds and hundreds of dealers can now use and sell video verification in a way that they couldn't before," said Folsom. I-View Now is now integrat- ed into nine central station automation platforms, includ- ing from DICE, Bold Technologies, MKS and SGS. T h e c o m p a n y a n n o u n c e d a t t h e s h o w t h a t c e rt a i n cameras from Bosch, Hikvision, and OpenEye can now come I-View Now Ready, meaning that they have a built- in integration to the platform. With the I-View Now Ready program, "We were trying to find ways to leverage software and workflow to reduce the cost of installation," Folsom said. "The average device is not built with the purpose of pre- senting clips that meet The Monitoring Association's stan- dard for video alarm verifica- tion," he said. "We work with these manufacturers to include altering firmware or putting I-View Now in the firmware with this intent that when the product is finished and it's I-View Now Ready, it meets the TMA standard, as well as the PPVAR best practice, to be true video verification." "In the case of OpenEye, it's very interesting to us because By SSN Staff C O L O R A D O S P R I N G S , Colo.—Bold Technologies, a provider of alarm moni- toring and PSIM software, has recently completed the integration of ManitouNEO, Bold's latest alarm moni- toring software, with the 3 x L O G I C V I G I L v i d e o p l a t f o r m . T h e i n t e g r a - tion leverages all aspects of the ManitouNEO Video Control Center (VCC) and the 3xLOGIC VIGIL soft- ware and Multi-Sensor NVR solution. Charlie Erickson, SVP P ro d u c t M a r k e t i n g f o r 3xLOGIC, states, "Both 3xLOGIC and Bold have an ambition to satisfy the fast-growing demand for world-class verified video. Bold is a major player with over six million subscribers, and we want our combined VIGIL software and Multi- Sensor NVR solution, inte- grated into Bold's central station software, to be the preferred solution for those Bold customers who value verified alarms and priority law enforcement response." Events triggered from 3xLOGIC devices are deliv- ered to ManitouNEO as intrusion events. U s i n g M a n i t o u N E O 's Bold integrates with 3xLOGIC Management Seminar are also undergoing rebranding and will be re-launched under the new name, the organization noted in its recent announce- ment. "The term 'Central Station' no longer has wide recognition outside of our industry," Lasko said in the announcement. "Our new name will facilitate our efforts to educate the pub- lic about the critical role TMA members play in public safety," she said. " M o n i t o r i n g l i f e s a f e t y events in the traditional central station model remains our core business," Hauhn said in the recent release. "That will not change. However, our demo- graphics surveys show that members increasingly monitor more than traditional fire and burglar alarms—they monitor medical devices, access control, and other non-emergency but meaningful events. Our new name allows room for the association to encompass all the areas our members are beginning to monitor and any into which they may move in the future." TMA's website can be found at Member ID numbers and login information for the website will not change. TMA staff will use the email suffix "" All emails to the previous "" address will be forwarded. SSN Enhanced Action Patterns, central station dispatchers are provided clear instruc- tions on how to handle the video alarm—saving time and ensuring operator con- sistency. The integration supports live and recorded video on the same screen, and offers full PTZ control. Other features of the integra- tion include bi-directional audio, and the ability to save reference images and event images for end-users to view. The integration fully lever- ages 3xLOGIC's cloud infra- structure, providing ease of installation and a simplified deployment. Customers have the added benefit of increased IT security as 3xLOGIC's NVR and cameras do not require open inbound ports at the customer's router, Bold said in its announcement. "This integration supports the growing demand for Cloud-managed video. The solution is easy to deploy and gives customers the oppor- tunity to increase revenues through video monitoring and verification services. We are excited to have 3xLOGIC as one of Bold's premier stra- tegic partners," Rod Coles, president and CEO of Bold Technologies, said in a pre- pared statement. SS N CSAA has become The Monitoring Association Larry Folsom I-V IEW see page 23

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