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MAY 2017

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Cloud adoption continues Up Your Installation Game A smart-breakthrough-technology app for technicians uses Automated Panel Programming to cut install times and save you money. With complete panel programming, instant access to documentation, troubleshooting information, zone statuses, Wi-Fi signal strength, cellular-device activation and more, techies will have a dynamic resource on hand for painless installs. Go to for a chance to win a new iPad®. We make your company more valuable. 877.725.1114 • Keep updated on our new products and features: @dmpalarms almost half (45 percent) stating they are likely or extremely likely to transition security operations to the cloud in the future. The impartial survey, conducted by Morar Consulting, included input from more than 300 U.S. CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, secu- rity/facilities managers and operations per- sonnel across industries. Steven Tur- ney, security program man- ager, Schnei- der Electric, pointed out that "leveraging the cloud for security applications is becoming increasingly accepted," and noted that one of the inter- esting things that came out of the study is that many enterprise loca- tions, which have been using the cloud for business and IT network security for many years, are finally warming up to the idea of moving physical security to the cloud as well. "When we asked respondents if they would consider moving their physical security into a cloud environment, the answer was yes (approximately 74 percent) and within 1-2 years," Turney told Secu- rity Systems News, noting that this especially makes sense "for com- panies where security management improvements are imminent." According to the findings, 57 percent of respondents believe the cloud is secure, including IT and technology professionals having the most confidence (78 percent), followed by education (70 per- cent), construction (68 percent) and financial services (52 percent). Although 18 percent of respon- dents indicated that they do not trust the cloud, Turney said that the continued convergence of IT and physical security is helping to change people's minds to the ben- efits and safety of the cloud. "The IT folks are helping the conversation and convincing the security directors, so many times it is working with IT folks so they can convey that message to the security folks," said Turney, who noted that it is not unusual to get an "absolutely not" on cloud from a security director, and then have the CIO from the same company ask, "Can we use the cloud?" Bringing the IT and physical security people together at the same table is helping to increase adoption, he noted. "From a man- ufacturer perspective, we are see- ing more people asking for it, and as more customers ask for it, the industry as a whole will start to get more and more behind it," he said. Although there are some barriers to adoption, Turney said that there is also great RMR potential for inte- grators who embrace the cloud. "So, there is the pure RMR aspect for the cloud-hosting services and things like that that now come into the picture, which is the No. 1 thing," said Turney. "And from an access control perspective, the "So for those types of end users who don't have a security staff or a systems administrator, that is a service that the integrator can now provide to their customer and gen- erate more revenue," he said. "I do believe that this movement to the cloud is the best way that we can help our channel, our integrators— we call them partners—deliver more to their bottom line." He continued, "And from a cus- tomer's perspective, by moving to the cloud, the amount of informa- tion and data that we can gather about a system is exponentially increased so now what we are able to do with that data exponentially increases. The sheer ability to share that data across disparate platforms is going to see big growth over the next few years." SSN industry has never been able to deliver that kind of capability to the integrators because they are all based on client servers and tradi- tional architectures." In addition to offering cloud- hosted services, Turney pointed out that an integrator can now offer managed services as well. Continued from page 1 Steven Turney SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS M a Y 2017 Special Repo R t 21

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