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MAY 2017

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SECURIT y S y STE m S NEWS may 2017 Commer C ial & systems integrators 15 Connect with us: VALUE PLUS SERIES OUTDOOR DOME DS-2CD2142FWD-ISB Hidden or Front and Center Ideal for covert and aesthetic installations In collaboration with L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) PSA Security Network supporting integrators sophisticated job of comparing years, and one thing we will not have trouble with is head count. We have about a thousand people coming, but we don't want this show to be like ISC or ASIS—that is not the point. This is a differ- ent type of show—a truly unique event—that is really more of an education and networking con- ference than a trade show. It says a lot about the his- toric success of the show that we don't have to beg people to come, and I am speaking of integrators, as well as industry leaders and manufacturers. One misnomer about the show that I would like to clear up is that people think the show is only for PSA members, but actually the show is open to everyone—we have been open for almost 10 years now. And we have a fabulous educa- tion program planned this year for integrators. One area that we are really focused on is cybersecurity, which will be prominent at our show and we have taken a lead- ing position on that. In addition, the traditional physical security education sessions and programs are all still a major focus and have been added to and improved on. I the next iteration for us was a move into the United States where we have a lot common- alities with customers, and a lot of specialized vertical knowhow," he said. "So when we came across Criterion Security, we thought it was just a great fit for Paladin." Jeff Young, vice president of healthcare for PalAmerican Security and the immedi- ate past president of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), said that healthcare security will be a main industry of focus for PalAmerican Security. "Criterion has done some excellent work in the US healthcare sector already, and we feel strongly that we can provide the best health- care security programs in the industry to our clients by integrating our Paladin Security healthcare model with the Criterion offerings, to truly deliver a patient- centric security program to our clients," he said in the announcement. All told, there are more t h a n 1 0 , 0 0 0 e m p l o y e e s across both the Paladin and PalAmerican Security organi- zations, with sales in excess of $400 million. SSN don't know of any show that runs as many education classes as we do simultaneously across each of the different tracks. We also get into enterprise- level certification. You won't see manufacturers doing this type of training at traditional trade shows, but they do it at PSA TEC. GARCIA: That really is one of the things that sets this event apart, is that we really focus on educating the entire team who work for systems integration companies. So we are offering classes for the sales and marketing folks, for management and leader- ship, for operations and even the technicians who have their feet on the ground. We are really trying to offer a breadth of classes and a lot of our owner integrators bring their entire team to TEC. This is the one event that they attend each year and that is because they can bring most of their company to paladin Continued from page 14 Continued from page 1 Kim Garcia pSA see page 18

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