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MAY 2017

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Page 10 of 80 Ma Y 2017 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS news 6 What Happens Next May Save Lives Two-Way, Mass-Communication System with Live Video Access Chicago Washington D.C. Detroit Los Angeles Milwaukee Multi-media technology improves communication and can make police response more effective during an active-shooter situation or other severe emergency. For more info about Incident Command and Control, visit EM24.US, contact our Sales Department at 1-800-800-3624 or email Eduardo E. De Diego Senior systems analyst, Applied Security Research Associates Kemptville, Ontario Specifically Speaking management, project management, commissioning, and audit of sys- tems in mid-life/end-of-life to deter- mine an upgrade or replacement path. We also work with architects in selecting appropriate hardware that is aesthetically acceptable for their vision, marking up drawings and providing the electrical engi- neering staff with detailed instruc- tions for cabling and other electrical hardware. We provide the client with a roadmap and comprehensive sys- tems design to take them where they want to be with their security management systems, formulate financial budgets in "Class D" through "A" iterations, write the Division 28 and 26 specifications in MasterFormat, work with the client to award the project, conduct the project kickoff, prepare shop draw- ing reviews and approvals, contrac- tor site supervision, acceptance test planning, commissioning and con- duct a "lessons learned" workshop. What vertical markets do you work in? Applied Security Research began operations in 1996 and federally incorporated in 1997. In 2016, we celebrated 20 years of continuous service to our clients, including many that have been loyal to us dur- ing all that time! Since the begin- ning, the company has provided "cradle-to-grave" security consult- ing services to a wide market, prin- cipally to Federal and Provincial (similar to State in the U.S.) depart- ments and other government enti- ties such as Crown corporations. We also service the corrections, military and museums domains. One of our sub-specialties is secu- rity command center and suite design, where we have developed significant expertise over hundreds of command center projects. While the major project load is within Canada, we have also pro- vided services to clients in Central America, Mexico and overseas, mostly in healthcare projects. On the principle that we do not seek work where the expertise already exists locally, we do not work in the United States. We frequently work for highly classified agencies, which require special considerations in how we handle documents, transmit and receive information, and archive the project data. Often, we work within their secure facilities and any client of this nature poses many challenges to doing hard- ware research (no Internet access), moving documents back and forth for review and publication, and spe- cial conditions for CAD drafting of drawings. Sometimes we get locked into a Vault (usually a SCIF). Another unique aspect of our work is that, as a company, we What's your title and role at the com- pany? As the senior systems analyst, I work closely with clients and the rest of the team here at ASRA to meet clients' needs. My respon- sibilities include preparing for design charrettes, crafting Threat Risk Assessments and CPTED studies, conducting equipment research, drafting security manage- ment systems designs, and writing specifications and reports. What kinds of systems do you design/specify and what services do you provide? ASRA provides the complete "cra- dle-to-grave" range of physical secu- rity assessment, design and engi- neering services for new and exist- ing sites, including site selection, threat risk impact & consequences assessments, vulnerability assess- ments, facility security design and CPTED audits, blast mitigation, specification writing, bid and tender Sp E aki N g see page 7

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