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Visit us at ISC West In Las Vegas | April 5-7, 2017 Booth #23089 "There are people who know security and are less trained in other areas," he said. "We say [when pitching multi-faceted applications], 'You should talk to the people in merchandizing and sales, and the light bulb goes off in their heads.'" It's a actually a sign of progres- sive thinking, not standard operat- ing procedure, that customers and end users who do business with security providers encourage their departments to share information with each other. Varco says his team tries to turn that situation into a sales advan- tage. "You have to earn the right to have an entrepreneur-level con- versation," he said of the sales approach. "If you do, they will sponsor you for other depart- ments. Start in IT, then security division, operations, legal, insur- ance, manufacturing. You need to be sponsored [to show your product/services elsewhere in the company]. You have to earn your stripes. It's amazing what they can tell you if you ask the right ques- tions. You have to want to know." T h e p r o - liferation of video analyt- ics in the secu- rity industry makes value- added conver- sations essen- tial for survival and success, according to Michael Brown, director of business development - education vertical, Hikvision USA, based in City of Industry, Calif. "With so many competitors in the market—and the constant threat of more competition— security manufacturers are always looking to 'add value' to a com- pany's bottom line," Brown wrote in an email response. "Whether the value is in the form of cost, quality, performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, third-party integra- tion or business intelligence, a manufacturer needs to differenti- ate itself from its competitors by communicating and delivering their own special value. Value var- ies from manufacturer to manu- facturer, and can take the form of perceived or realized. If a manu- facturer cannot communicate its value proposition to a potential or existing customer, they instantly become a commodity." "There are efficiencies galore" for mining big data gleaned from security products and applying them to the business of business, said Tuinzing. "There are all sorts of things we could be doing. We're at the tip of the iceberg. The tech- nology for security today is tech- nology for operating efficiency tomorrow." At an airport, he said, that means more efficient ways of not losing a flyer's baggage. J. Edulbehram products or services in the mar- ketplace will continue to include more rigorous security-related standards and initiatives," he said. "These initiatives will allow their employees to work more effi- ciently in their day to day activi- ties while realizing a more safe and secure workplace environment." Adapt or perish? Jumbi Edul- behram of OnCam said, "If you go online and click on a tab from your browser, and then you go ized solutions for business." Security experts see business and security intelligence in a relation- ship that is still new, just beginning to expand. It's market evolution, according to Brown. "As new companies are established, and exist- ing companies continue to evolve, their business strategies that exist to help promote their Today's Most Adopted Home Technologies Make sure you install security equipment for consumers to connect to the technology they crave. From Google Home® to Amazon Echo™ to our all-new Apple TV® app, the Virtual Keypad™ app is the family tree for home automation. Pair the XTLplus with one of these consumer technologies for even greater fl exibility. Go to for a chance to win one of these devices. VirtualKeypad We make your company more valuable. 877.725.1114 • Keep updated on our new products and features: @dmpalarms Visit us at ISC West In Las Vegas | April 5-7, 2017 Booth #23089 ©2016 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google Logo are registered trademarks of Google, Inc. • Apple TV® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. • Amazon, Echo, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affi liates. At a casino, he said, it can mean "identifying high rollers as soon as they pull in the parking lot. There will be people waiting to greet him. That's a busi- ness efficiency. He will be taken care of. And he will be back." "The challenge," said Varco, "is to convert big data into actionable intelligence. The 'so-what' is providing custom- back to Yahoo, you might see an online photo advertisement tai- lored for you. They know who you are, what your favorite items are and what companies you shop. They know your online behavior and they cater the shopping expe- rience for you. Within brick-and- mortar businesses, that hasn't hap- pened yet." But the pieces are in place for crossover use, and there is evi- dence of demand. SSN SECU ri TY SYSTEMS NEWS April 2017 Market trends 29 Michael Brown Continued from previous page

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