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■ Custom Branding ■ NAS/DAS Archiving ■ 2-Way Audio ■ Audio Streaming ■ Email Notifications on Event ■ Watermark on Export ■ Dual Stream Support (for DVRs, NVRs and Hybrid Units) SecureGuard® comes full circle. We offer FREE hands- on training at Speco headquarters using our powerful SecureGuard® security console. Join us at booth 20043 at ISC West and learn from our technical savvy and experienced SecureGuard® team and become an expert yourself! Speco has released exciting new updates for our robust SecureGuard® Video Management Software that features multiple new additions that not only provide users with an extra level of security, but also makes the software more convenient and accessible than ever. Speco provides full support surrounding our robust SecureGuard® VMS. Along with our free software updates and design service, no camera licensing fees, apps for mobile devices and Apple TV, we offer custom configured servers that come preloaded with SecureGuard® VMS. ■ User Access Management ■ Batch Export Event Clips ■ Tag Sites of Interest ■ Backup, Repair & Restore Database Dustin Vermast from s ecurity O n E talks about his home security system D ustin Vermast is the strategic project manager with Secu- rity ONE, a full-service security company based out of Leamington Ontario. Prior to joining the company about a year ago, "I spent the better part of my career in finance, in the banking industry," Vermast said. Vermast talked with Secu- rity Systems News in early March about his home alarm system. What kind of security system do you have? I have a LYNX 7000. … I have three motions, five door contacts. I have smart scenes that I have set up with some Z-Wave lamp modules and lights that really give me peace of mind that when I'm away … that can mimic the perception that someone's home. Why this particular setup? At the time when I got it, it was the biggest screen that we could get [from] Honeywell. We're a Honeywell authorized dealer, so that's typically what I'm going to put in my home: what we sell. The big screen made a big difference. The [back-up] communication path was important to me. … I also wanted something that didn't necessarily look like your standard alarm panel on the wall. I like the fact that it has images that are uploaded, that it kind of turns it into a digital photo frame, makes it a bit inconspicuous. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? Total Connect. … Hav- ing the ability to communicate with my system in my home remotely—100 percent—gives me peace of mind that if I'm away, if I'm at work, if I have to unlock a door, if I have to disarm the system—I don't have to provide codes to anybody. The remote access is hands-down the nicest feature.. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? Certainly more automation. I think the security industry has turned from specifically a burglary and life safety component to including your smart scenes, your Z-Wave devices, your thermostats … to be able to control that from afar. I do think it's only going to get bigger in terms of pulling in those other Internet of Things [devices]. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Vermast likes Total Connect's functionality. nE ws P O ll Continued from page 3 Two percent said that hiring is not a problem for their business. The best candidate needs to fit into the company's culture, accord- ing to 53 percent of respondents. Several people wrote that it is best to train someone who fits the culture. "We can teach peo- ple the job skills they will need. What we look for are the right people to work in this specialized busi- ness of fire alarm, burglar alarm, CCTV, access control, etc. They need a passion for this business and for working with the public," said one respondent. "[We have] trouble finding all levels of employees. [The] hard- est is experienced techs," another respondent said. "We have changed our strategy to 'hire for attitude, train for skill.'" "We hire for character first, then knowledge and ability. Character is a non-negotiable in our busi- ness and we are willing to take on the investment of training a per- son with the right character traits and willingness to learn," said one reader. Forty-one percent said that they hire based on qualifications, while another 6 percent said they are now looking for people with IT exper- tise. Fifty-two percent of respondents are currently looking to add on more staff. An additional 30 per- cent said they have a couple of positions to fill. Nineteen percent said that they are not hiring; their company is at a good size now. "It has been dif- ficult until recently. [We] just hired 3 new (2 techs, 1 marketing/ admin). We look for people with the right skill set or background, even similar skills from another profession for techs. They must have good man- ners and be respectful to everyone and want to succeed at whatever job given," Tracy Hendrix, owner and CEO of Femac Security Solu- tions, wrote in. "We do seek those with at least some experience with networking that can be translated to security." SSN "When hiring we look for people with a proven good work ethic and hire them, then train them to our needs." —Jason Brinton, Brinton Electric Security Services SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Ap RI l 2017 NEWS 7

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