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Page 8 of 60 April 2016 SECUriTY SYSTEMS NEWS news 6 NEWS By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—Industry consolidation will accelerate this year with two megamergers—the Tyco/JCI deal and the ADT/Pro- tection 1 merger—expected to close by the end of 2016. Does this activity help or hurt the industry? Respondents to Securi- ty Systems News' latest news poll who said massive consolidation is good just barely edged out those who said these megadeals hurt the industry. Meanwhile, another group of respondents said they have other things to worry about. Several respondents said that smaller companies will have opportunities for growth while ADT and Protection 1 are focused on their merger. "For the short- to mid-term I think the mergers will help us because of the nor- mal problems and disruptions that come with such mergers," Tracy Hendrix, president and CEO of Femac Security Solu- tions, wrote. Three-quarters of respondents Megamergers: beneft or pitfall? identifed themselves as an inte- grator or installer. Fifteen percent said they work in monitoring, and 11 percent said their compa- ny manufactures security equip- ment. (Percentages do not add up to 100 as a result of rounding.) "In my experience, the consoli- dator has to put so much effort into the assimilation process and fnding where and how to gain synergies, that their customer service suffers. Those unhappy customers will go somewhere and oftentimes, they go to a more traditional dealer specifcally to get away from mega-alarm com- panies that have failed them from a customer service perspective," another respondent wrote. One manufacturer sees a ben- eft for his or her business, "As an OEM that owns a PSIM dash- board, … the turbulence created by M&A in the industry helps the more mature companies with sound partnerships and strategy; if Apollo doesn't manage the ADT acquisition well, we all have a great chance of convincing the larger of the ADT end users to re-evaluate the security platform they use." Just over half of respondents said their business won't see any change as a result of ADT's latest deal, while 22 percent predicted that ADT will be a stronger com- petitor. Tw e n t y - s e v e n p e rc e n t o f respondents, including Sentry Security Solutions' president and CEO Nick McAmis, said that talented professionals will be looking for places to work as a result of consolidation. "This affords smaller players, such as ourselves, the opportunity to provide those folks with a new home," McAmis said. Consolidation on this scale is good, according 41 percent of respondents. "It is easy to com- pete against a conglomerate. I used to compete against two or three companies—now only one," said one reader. What is your role in the industry? Will ADT's purchase affect your company? Is consolidation good or bad for the industy? Brian Ciasnocha talks on his home security B rian Ciasnocha, Per Mar Secu- r i t y S e r v i c e 's director of sales- e l e c t r o n i c s e c u - rity, has been in the industry for 16 years. He started with ADT in 1999 and joined Per Mar in Octo- ber 2014. In early March, Ciasnocha talked with Security Systems News about the system he uses at home. What kind of security system do you have? It's a Honeywell, the Vista 20. I've got a Tuxedo keypad with door contacts, motion detectors, glass breaks. I do have smoke detectors on every foor as well as carbon monoxide detectors. I have a water sensor in the basement, and I have a Z-Wave door lock, thermostat, and some lamp modules in Total Connect. Why this particular setup? Honeywell is kind of what I grew up with. I started with Honeywell when I came in the industry, and I've always been with Honeywell. … It does everything—and more than—I expected it to. I was able to take it from a traditional fre and life safety system in my home to a home automation system. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? Probably life safety. It's nice to have your traditional smoke detectors in your home, but the monitored smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector to protect us, my family [are most important.] Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? I do see [the industry] going toward home automation, I think that's something that's catching on. … It's nice to have the ability to do the home automation and be able to add that to your system as you grow. It's very expandable—I really like the fexibility of it. —Spencer Ives How I Use My systeM Ciasnocha chose a Tuxedo keypad. Poll see page 14 News Poll based on answers provided by respondents in February and March. Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100. RUN WALK SAVE OR AND HELP LIVES Benefi ting: Organizing Sponsors: April 7 • ISC West • Las Vegas Sign up at the Mission 500 table by registration

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