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Page 54 of 60 April 2016 SECUriTY SYSTEMS NEWS suppliers 52 Hackett called the IQ Panel 2 "a com- plete re-do that still leverages the archi- tecture we built into the frst-generation panel," Hackett said. Remote access for the system is powered by Pulling said that Qolsys has taken a "platform approach" from the beginning, with the idea that working with "best of breed partners such as Qualcomm, Foxconn, Google/Android and Alarm. com" and taking advantage of those partners' R&D resources. The new panel is "scalable and upgrad- able over the cloud," features that Pulling predicts will allow dealers to "differentiate and upsell." The security industry has often "over- looked the security of the security sys- tems," Pulling said. In developing the IQ Panel 2, "we went to great lengths to ensure security," he said. "End-to-end we looked at the security of the platform," he said, noting that all radios are encrypted and it also has a secure Linux operating system. A s s e c u r i t y a n d I o T m e rg e a n d traditional security dealers face competi- tion from telecoms and cable companies, they need to change their way of thinking, according to Hackett. Dealers should not rely on service as their sole differentiator, he said. The security system itself should be more than "a piece of plastic," he said. The system should be easy and "tool-less" to install. The system should "look and act like a real technology device, but with real security in it." "Technology can and should be used to decrease total-cost-of-ownership and reduce attrition," Hackett said. The IQ Panel 2 will begin shipping in Q3 of this year. Qolsys will be showing the new panel at ISC West. Qolsys provided the following outline of features: •Wall mount or tabletop panel measur- ing 7.67 inches wide, 5.11 inches tall and 0.91 inches thick, edge-to-edge glass and a 7-inch, high-resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) capacitive touchscreen. •Clean, intuitive graphical user inter- face with multi-gesture capability. •Integrated 5-megapixel HD panel camera provides built-in motion/pres- ence detection to trigger home automa- tion rules and captures disarm photos and alarm videos that are automatically delivered to the Qolsys cloud. •Glass-break sensor application uses the built-in dual high-fidelity micro- phones to protect against intrusion and save cost. •Panel may be paired with optional remote access panels for persistent control and access throughout the home. •Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor, a fully integrated SoC, features: native LTE cellular support for all major cellular standards—SIM card support for various cellular carriers, minimizes panel SKUs and reduces dealer installation time; The panel has four feld-replaceable radio slots for current and future connectivity, and an integrated 5-megapixel HD camera. "The level of integration we get from the Qualcomm system on a chip is similar to a newly released smartphone or tablet," Hackett said. In addition, the panel itself is a router. "As more security systems deploy Wi-Fi, the home router becomes the weak link in the solution, every day dealers are rolling trucks to troubleshoot customer routers," Hackett said. The built-in router will enable devices to be paired directly to the IQ Panel 2 and remotely main- tained. This "mitigates dependency on the home router, reducing costly truck rolls and support calls, allowing for vari- ous Wi-Fi devices to be paired such as IP cameras, thermostats and many more," Hackett said. New software applications include g l a s s - b re a k a n d m o t i o n d e t e c t i o n , Bluetooth disarm, and the ability to send photos taken when the system is disarmed to smart phones and the cloud. Native Wi-Fi 802.11ac—Supports up to 350 Mbps speeds over both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz channels, allowing the panel to serve as a router for private, secure connectivity to remote access panels, IP cameras and other Wi-Fi ecosystem devices within the home; Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 supports secure, hands-free disarming of the panel when arriving home, enabling the smart phone to replace the key fob, which increases system use and lowers attrition. Integrated Qualcomm Adreno 306 GPU for advanced graphics and HD display. The processor has a secure Linux Operating System with embedded Android 5.1.1, which includes a token-based fle system and secure cloud connectiv- ity. Enables Qolsys to develop highly advanced, robust applications, and scale them to be updated and delivered over Wi-Fi without the need for dealer ser- vice calls. •Four feld-replaceable and encrypted radio cards: Encrypted Security (SRF-E); Z-Wave Plus 500;'s proprietary radio for the Image Sensor; and PowerG, Tyco's military-grade wireless encryption technology with frequency hopping that enables superior range, stronger immunity from radio frequency interference and better overall security system reliability. • Interactive Security: Dedicated cellular connection on Verizon's LTE network for easy and automatic soft- ware updates from the cloud, including updates to the underlying Linux OS, the application layer, and the frmware. Dual- path connectivity that intelligently routes data over cellular and Wi-Fi connections for speed, redundancy and optimal per- formance. Ability to control the IQ Panel 2 platform from the smart phone app and web portal.'s Enterprise Services available for security dealers. SSN Qolsys unveils new panel not who we are," he said. End-to-end is the opposite of the "community-frst philosophy," he said. "End-to-end is me-frst and [any integration with outside partners] is ad hoc, opportunistic and bolt-on," Palmquist said. It may work to win a job or satisfy one customer, but it's not a smart business philosophy, he said. "We need third-parties to support innovation. Why are we open? Why do we share? Because that's the way Qolsys's leadership team in Las Vegas, From left: Steve Simler, Jeremy McLerran, Ken Parker, Colin Jameson, Dave Pulling, Mark Pennings, Ken Arnold, Anand Sastry and Mike Hackett. you get innovative technology faster." During a Feb. 24 presentation, Palmquist said, "Community trumps end-to-end all day long." He called Milestone's community philosophy "a fundamentally different idea, and a fundamentally different go- to-market philosophy." P a l m q u i s t t o l d i n t e g r a t o r s t h a t Milestone's approach is proactive and gives them a "decisive, competitive advantage. You have something unique, that puts the end customer in focus and thinks about [their] evolving needs." SSN Continued from page 1 Continued from page 49 MilEstonE

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