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SECUriTY SYSTEMS NEWS April 2016 suppliers 49 speculation that we'd go down the end-to-end route, but that's Milestone's Palmquist on community vs. company Palmquist: 'Community trumps end-to-end all day long' USER KNOWS BEST The central station saw a person, your customer saw a trusted employee. With video verification in the app, your customers can instantly view live video in real-time allowing them to quickly cancel or verify an alarm from anywhere. Just one of the dozens of powerful features you will find in the Virtual Keypad App. Learn more at VISIT US AT ISC WEST IN LAS VEGAS | APRIL 6-8, 2016 BOOTH #23089 improve," he said. Milestone is also "going to get serious about forums." Palmquist outlined other 2016 plans: creating an Advisory Board of partners and customers to advise on roadmap prioritization; create solution certifcations to bolster reliability and ensure uni- form quality; an online Milestone marketplace for partners to promote and sell their solutions; and, new co-marketing programs to strengthen commercial col- laboration. Back to the community-versus- company, Palmquist said, "When Canon bought Milestone and Axis, there was some market By Martha Entwistle SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—There was a lot of talk during the frst day of MIPS (Milestone Integration Platform Symposium) about Milestone transforming itself from the "open platform com- pany" to the "open platform community." Tim Palmquist, who runs the Americas for Milestone, spoke to Security Systems News about this announcement. Open company, open com- munity. What's the difference? Palmquist said it's a philo- sophical change "that touches all aspects of the business." Milestone, a leading VMS pro- vider, which experienced 30-per- cent growth globally in 2015 and had a 26-percent CAGR over the past decade, has branded itself as "the open platform company." If you look at systems integration as a puzzle, Milestone has tradi- tionally represented itself as the piece of the puzzle sitting at the middle of different technology partners, Palmquist said. With the transformation to an "open platform community ... it's partnerships-frst versus company-frst," Palmquist said. "Milestone is not the middle piece of the puzzle any more." While Milestone still provides the platform architecture, "it's an architecture that others build on and [all parties] work on as a community," he explained. How will Milestone enable community-building? F i r s t , M i l e s t o n e p l a n s t o improve its SDK design and do a better job documenting its APIs, Palmquist said. "Milestone has to be dili- gent and proactive [with the] Milestone SDK. That's a big game changer. We're going to treat the Milestone SDK as seriously as other products," he said. "If we can do third-party inte- grations more quickly, easily and consistently, this will speed innovation to the market and get to the point where integra- tions feel more standardized," Palmquist said. Second, Milestone is launching a developer forum to strengthen the developer experience. The VMS provider will hold a competition at MIPS 2017 where software developers will share "successes, breakthroughs and products." The products will be judged at MIPS 2017. Palmquist said Milestone will "tap into developers in Silicon Valley and at universities." "Their feedback to us on the SDK [will be invaluable]. We'll learn what we're doing wrong, w h a t w e c a n d o b e t t e r a n d With the transformation to an "open platform community ... it's partnerships-first versus company-first." —Tim palmquist, Milestone MIleSToNe see page 52

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