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briefs April 2016 SECUriTY SYSTEMS NEWS suppliers 48 By Martha Entwistle RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J.—The Samsung name will stay on its products for now, but as of April 1, video surveillance provider Samsung Techwin America is changing its name to Hanwha Techwin America. T o m C o o k , Samsung VP sales for North America, called the name change "the next move as we incor- porate ourselves into Hanwha, a $56 billion corporation." Hanwha became the majority owner of Samsung Techwin in December of 2014. Cook said that the products will eventually be rebranded. They may be rebranded as Hanwha Techwin, or some- thing else, he said. The timing is "evaluated quarterly and Tyco opens a new global headquarters in Ireland following big merger CORK, Ireland—More than 400 guests attended a grand opening at Tyco International's new global headquarters here, the company announced March 7. In January, Tyco and Johnson Controls announced plans to merge. Once the deal is closed later this year, the building will become the global headquarters for the combined compa- ny, which will operate under the name Johnson Controls. In 2014, Tyco moved its official domicile in Switzerland to Ireland, and announced plans to establish a global business service center and hire more than 500 employees whose responsi- bilities include sourcing and procure- ment, customer service, research and development, information technology and fnance. Approximately 250 employees work in the new building. Tyco has integrated the control and optimization of more than 10 building functions, including Tyco's core fire protection, security and asset tracking systems. It also integrated energy-sav- ing elevator- and lighting management, HVAC maintenance and smart parking. Viscount enters new partnership with DMP VANCOUVER, British Columbia— Viscount Systems, a software compa- ny specializing in physical and logical security solutions, announced a prod- uct partnership agreement with Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), a manufac- turer of electronic alarms and access products. Viscount and DMP will integrate Viscount's IT-centric access control platform, Freedom, with a number of products from DMP's suite of open architecture alarm management and monitoring technologies. Both companies plan to cross-sell to their customers in the government, retail, banking and commercial/enter- prise vertical markets. "Viscount's access control solutions are uniquely based on IT infrastructure. Customers who already rely on DMP alarm intrusion products and require HSPD-12 access control operation will beneft greatly from the cost savings and even more comprehensive pro- tection that come from a government- certifed access control system. Current customers who have a requirement for operating in an HSPD-12 environment can now integrate the time-tested and approved DMP intrusion solution with the Freedom Access Control system for a superior, cost effective, total secu- rity solution," Vince Adams, director of market development, government solu- tions, DMP, said in a prepared state- ment. Goodbye Samsung Techwin, hello Hanwha Techwin CCL to buy Checkpoint By Martha Entwistle THOROFARE, N.J.—In a trans- action valued at $443 million, Checkpoint Systems, a supplier of retail security and asset man- agement solutions, in March announced that it has agreed to be acquired by CCL Industries, a specialty packaging solutions company, for $10.15 per share in cash. It's a deal that inte- grators who do retail security will be inter- ested in, Imperial Capital's Jeff Kessler told Security Systems News. Checkpoint Systems directly competes with Tyco's Sensormatic division, and to a lesser extent, Zebra Technologies and Netherlands- based Nedap, Kessler said. Checkpoint does provide elec- tronic article surveillance (EAS) solutions and has "44 percent market share by store (roughly 35 percent by revenue)," accord- ing to Imperial Capital. Tyco has 23 percent market share by store and 40 percent market share by revenue. Kessler told SSN that once all of the components are integrat- ed, "CCL will have a more com- plete solution [encompassing] anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, inventory management, asset By Spencer Ives WINTER PARK, Fla.— U n i K e y, a c o m p a n y focused on keyless entry, is planning to roll out a commercial offering this year, Phil Dumas, UniKey p re s i d e n t , t o l d Security Systems News. D u m a s s a i d UniKey's custom- e r s l e d U n i k e y into the commer- cial business. "Ten percent of our user base has actually converted our residential product for light, small- to medium business use, just because there was nothing else out there," Dumas said. Locks with UniKey rec- ognize the presence of an authorized smartphone and unlock when the user touches the lock. UniKey announced one commercial partnership, with MIWA, a lock manufacturer based in Tokyo, in June 2015. More announcements for the commercial space are com- ing this year, Dumas said. More locks and more users are the main differ- ences between UniKey's commercial and residen- tial uses. User interface and experience changes will allow for "managing larger volume, but overall, the con- venience factor is the same," Dumas said. The SMB mar- ket and hospital- ity vertical are tar- get commercial customers for the company, he said. "But you will see this in enterprise, you will see this in automo- tive, you will see this in lockers and safes." Expanding into the com- mercial space is necessary for UniKey's vision, Dumas said—getting a user's entire keychain into their phone. Entering the small com- mercial space from the residential market means U n i K e y 's s o l u t i o n s a re cost-effective, Dumas said. "Instead of $2,000 per door for access control, it's $200 per door." SSN management and logistics." C o m b i n e d w i t h C C L , Checkpoint will be "a better competitor to Tyco, [which has a one-stop-shop retail solution]," Kessler said. The purchase price represents a premium of 29 percent over Checkpoint's closing share price on March 1, 2016. Kessler said CCL has "done a spec- tacular job making acquisitions of com- panies that ft into its mold over the last fve years." CCL's stock has jumped from $20 to $200 in the past four years. The Checkpoint deal "adds more arrows to their quiver, and they bought it at a really good price," Kessler said. "This acquisition should allow CCL to expand its inter- national operating platform and realize immediate earnings accretion," he said. The transaction is subject to approval by Checkpoint's shareholders. Checkpoint expects to hold a special meeting of its sharehold- ers in the near future. In 2013, Checkpoint sold CheckView, its integration and monitoring business, to a private equity frm for $5.4 million. SSN monthly," but there is no rush, he said. Hanwha Techwin is co-owner of the Samsung brand name and may use it as long as it pleases, Cook said. Why did they decide to keep the Samsung Techwin product brand now? The Samsung brand "carries weight in the consumer mentality," C o o k s a i d . W h e n H a n w h a Te c h w i n rebrands the Samsung Techwin products, "it's important to make sure it doesn't hurt us from a sales and momentum perspective," he added. Cook mused that rebrand- ing could occur when Hanwha Techwin hits a milestone such as when Samsung "is no longer ffth [largest video surveillance provider according to IHS] and is second or third." Cook reiterated that Samsung Corporation and Samsung Techwin have always been sepa- rate publicly traded entities. "Even though we were under the Samsung Corporation, w e d i d n ' t get our cam- eras or optics from Samsung M o b i l e o r Samsung Corporation," he said. Instead, Samsung Te c h w i n h a s always had its own R&D and manufacturing. Hanwha Techwin, a $2.5 billion com- pany, now has 1,950 employees worldwide, including 550 in R&D, 680 in manufacturing, 540 in sales and marketing. Hanwha is very interested in growing Hanwha Techwin "to a powerhouse globally," Cook said. "You're going to see us grow- ing faster than you have. … [And] see even m o r e i n n o - v a t i o n a n d technology coming from us," he added. H a n w h a i s l o o k i n g t o t h e N o r t h American market in par- ticular to propel growth. "The investment will be heavy here," he said. "Down the road they'll be looking at major acquisitions, possibly to complement what we do." SSN UniKey unlocking commercial potential Tom Cook Phil Dumas Jeff Kessler SMB already uses UniKey's resi solutions Video surveillance provider to adopt owner's name, products still branded Samsung for now "You're going to see us growing faster than you have. ... [And] see even more innovation and technology coming from us" —Tom Cook, Hanwha Techwin

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