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APR 2016

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SECUriTY SYSTEMS NEWS April 2016 Monitoring 31 Protection 1 is "no small task," Cerasuolo said. When com - bining such large companies "your atten- tion is going to be, for some period of time, v e r y m u c h focused inter- nally instead of externally. That can't help but be some- what of a distraction in their efforts to support their existing customers and go out and earn new ones," he said. Steve Dixon, Vivint's SVP of customer experience and opera- tions, said he couldn't comment on how this merger would go, but said, "Any time two large companies come together, there are plenty of operational chal- lenges, just fguring out who is going to do what." Integrating the monitoring centers among ADT, Protection 1 will be a large task as well, according to Cerasuolo. ADS has experience acquiring and folding-in companies, lately at a rate of fve or six per year since 2014. "No matter what the scale, whether it's one customer or a hundred thousand custom- ers, any time you change the monitoring center, you run the risk of disrupting something that that customer has become used to … and there's a premium on making sure that's a non-event for the customer," he said. "Their objective, as ours is when we do a small transfer, is making sure it is totally trans- parent and a non-event for the customer," Cerasuolo said. Cerasuolo also said that he did not expect this deal to be a decid- ing factor for ADS or similar companies. "Our success or failure is going to be determined wholly and completely by our ability to serve well our existing customers and earn the business of new ones," he said. Dixon said that Vivint isn't expecting any change as a result of the merger. "For us, it's really business as usual. We will con- tinue to focus on providing the best service we possibly can." Continued focus on their business is the best course of action, some s a i d . " T h e s e big guys come and they go, and they split u p a n d t h e y c o m e b a c k together, all the while, people who are focused on their geographic territory or their market niche are able to grow and expand and cater to their customers," Daniel Oppenheim, VP for Affiliated Monitoring, told SSN. Bodnar said that the deal rep- resents opportunities for local or regional alarm companies, "There's an opportunity for them to differentiate [themselves] from such a large operation." The deal may make ADT a more formidable competitor, according to Cerasuolo. "When private equity invests that much money in a company, they're expecting to be able to improve their per- formance, and an improved competitor is something all of us will have to face in the future," he said. F r o m a h i g h l e v e l , Cerasuolo views the deal as a "big posi- tive" for the industr y. "It points to the strengths and attraction of our industry, which I think is a wonderful thing— that private equity is in general so willing to invest signifcant sums of money is a great vote of confdence." "It's really nice to see outside investors view our industry as being attractive," John Doyle, president and CEO of Doyle Security Systems, said. B o d n a r s h a r e d a s i m i l a r thought. "Clearly, the fnancial folks and the larger players continue to fnd traction in our industry, both retail and whole- sale," he said. SSN Possible benefts could come from ADT-Pro 1 deal Five top monitoring companies spoke with SSN about the deal's potential impact on central stations Keep the essence with Axis' Zipstream technology. Optimized for video surveillance, Axis' Zipstream technology is a radically more efcient H.264 implementation. Zipstream lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by an average 50% or more for many common 24/7 surveillance use cases - all without losing forensic details. Squeezed storage . years 20 1996-2016 20 years of network cameras Visit Axis at ISC West Las Vegas, NV, April 6-8 Booth #14051 Steve Dixon D. Oppenheim Mike Bodnar John Doyle "These big guys come and they go, and they split up and they come back together, all the while, people who are focused on their geographic territory or their market niche are able to grow and expand and cater to their customers." —Daniel Oppenheim, Affliated Monitoring Continued from page 1

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