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briefs April 2016 SECUriTY SYSTEMS NEWS Monitoring 30 Security systems need monitoring, according to recent poll PHILADELPHIA—A study, conduct- ed online by Harris Poll on behalf of LivSecure, found that many Americans say it would be "important that the authorities are alerted by their security system." "Smart home technology is popular, but the survey shows that homeown- ers want more than a smart thing when it comes to protecting their home and family. Homeowners want assurances that help will arrive when their family needs it, and professional monitoring alerts frst responders in case of an emergency," Amy Kothari, CEO and president of My Alarm Center, said in a prepared statement. My Alarm Center announced the opening of its DIY division, LivSecure, in December. According to the poll results, 93 percent say the authorities should be alerted by a security system, in addi- tion to the user. Additionally, just under two-thirds of poll respondents—63 per- cent—said self-monitored systems are not as safe as professionally monitored systems. Just under half of the respondents said they are open to installing their own home security system. Eighty-one percent of respondents also said that mobile access to a sys- tem would be important. Seventy-two percent would like the option of inte- grating a security system with other home functions, such as thermostats and lighting. The online survey of 2,114 U.S. adults 18 and older was conducted in February 2016. Global Guardian opens surveillance division MCLEAN, Va.—Global Guardian, a pro- vider of executive protection, launched its new Sentry division, providing remote video surveillance monitoring from its operations center here outside of Washington, D.C. "Sentry was launched in response to client requests to provide around-the- clock protection in-and-around homes, offces and outdoor facilities. Adding Sentry as a service offering is an exam- ple of Global Guardian's continuing commitment to meeting client demand for a diverse range of security servic- es," Matt Boccia, Global Guardian's COO, said in a prepared statement. Sentry can give intruders verbal commands through installed speakers, initiate audible alarms with strobes, and contact designated client representa- tives or local police authorities. According to the announcement, "Sentry's surveillance platform is also compatible with and can augment cus- tomers' existing camera systems and security and fre alarms." By Spencer Ives N A P L E S , F l a . — A f f i l i a t e d Monitoring is expecting at least 250 people at its new P E R S - f o c u s e d c o n f e re n c e C a t a l y s t , h e l d h e r e M a y 17-19, Affliated's VP Daniel O p p e n h e i m t o l d S e c u r i t y Systems News. This event fills a specifc need, accord- ing to Mike Zydor, Affliated's managing director. "Right now, most of the educa- tional opportunities that a PERS dealer has, if they go to other types of conferences, is all equipment-focused, or … just about insight into the PERS business—nothing focused on sales and market- ing," he said. Registration is now open for the event, and Catalyst is not exclusive to Affliated dealers. "It is open to all PERS dealers … and vendors that are in— or want to be in—the PERS space," Zydor said. Zydor added that PERS deal- ers will share business best practices. Oppenheim said, "The PERS industry is spread out across the country; it's very hard for people in the industry to build relationships and fnd Didden's SDN to help dealers with DIY By Spencer Ives PORT CHESTER, N.Y.—Bart Didden, president of USA Central Station, in March announced the launch a new v e n t u r e , S e c u r i t y D e a l e r N e t w o r k , aimed at helping deal- ers enter the DIY mar- ket with its DragonFly offering. " I t 's a p r o g r a m designed for alarm d e a l e r s , t o a l l o w them to affordably participate in a different niche from the traditional alarm sys- tem," Didden, also president of Security Dealer Network, told Security Systems News. He underlined that DragonFly is not a professional system; instead, he called it a "DIY solution for alarm dealers to be able to sell into the millennial age bracket, and to those who do not want installers in their homes." Didden is confdent enough in DragonFly t h a t h e 's t h o u g h t about the possibil- ity of USA opening another central sta- tion in the South East, which would be "part of the USA network of central stations, with a primary empha- sis on DragonFly, but it will also serve as a ffth center for us." "If DragonFly really starts to shoot off … we have the ability to put a facility in and make it operational and get a [UL] list- ing on it in probably under 75 days," he said. DragonFly's equipment is manufactured by RSI Video Technologies, and Didden said he doesn't e x p e c t a n y impact from Honeywell's p l a n s t o acquire RSI. "SDN has a contract with RSI for the DragonFly project, and everyone is still going full speed ahead." The DragonFly project was frst announced as an initiative from USA Central Station at ESX 2015. Dealers who sign up get "individual websites w h i c h a r e built, brand- e d a n d t a r- geted to con- sumers with DragonFly's extensive marketing and messaging," the announce- ment said. Customers buy and install the equipment, selecting either a professionally moni- tored option or an entirely DIY By Martha Entwistle S A N J O S E , C a l i f . — To p r o v i d e m o r e c u s t o m - ized services to its clients, RFI Communications and Security Systems plans to close its internal monitor- ing station and outsource its monitoring to Rapid Response. " R a p i d R e s p o n s e c a n immediately pro- vide more services t o o u r e x i s t i n g base and bolt-on more services to our high-end com- mercial and enter- prise customers," RFI president Brad Wilson told Security Systems News. Wilson said RFI was look- ing for "a partner that has agility and technical resources to support some of our initia- tives." He noted that Rapid has 20 full-time programmers on staff and the "thought leadership of Morgan Hertel." Wilson said he sees "a lot of opportunity for addi- tional mobile services and applications that relate to security and non-security." To take advantage of these opportunities RFI needed a sophisticated monitoring operation that could scale, Affliated launches PERS conference other people who understand what they go through day- to-day." A f f i l i a t e d a n n o u n c e d five educational sessions: " S u p e rc h a rg e Yo u r S a l e s Team: Overcoming the Five To u g h e s t P E R S C u s t o m e r Objections"; "Mobile Mania: C a t c h t h e Wa v e o f M o b i l e P E R S " ; "Benchmarking: I s Y o u r S a l e s Technology Holding You Back?"; "Cut the Red Tape and Grow Your PERS Business"; a n d " E x e c u t i v e S p o t l i g h t : H o w I Built a Multi-Channel PERS Company." Speakers for the sessions and the ending keynote have not yet been released. Oppenheim underlined the benefts of having a session on benchmarking. "A lot of people go to work every day and try to determine if their performance is good. … It's very hard, in a vacuum, to [answer questions like] 'Are you doing well? Are your metrics accurate? Are your ratios correct?'" Catalyst will be held at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Fla. SSN he said. Wilson expects the transi- tion to be completed in the next 65 days. Business continues to be very good for RFI, but the business of integration is changing, Wilson said. Founded in 1979, RFI has about 225 employees and did $49.6 million in revenue in 2015. The sys- tems integrator has sustained a 3- to 4 percent growth rate over the past sev- eral years. Outside of its headquarters here, RFI has offc- es in Sacramento, Calif., Los Angeles, Nevada and Washington. It is a member of Security-Net. To stay relevant, "the inte- grator of tomorrow has to look well beyond security," Wilson said. "The more services you bundle, the more value you have," he said. Those services include fre, security, audio, health monitoring, both on- and off-premise. Rapid Response has loca- tions in Syracuse, N.Y. and Corona, Calif., providing "monitoring services in all 50 states with mirrored reliability on both coasts," RFI said. SSN RFI chooses Rapid Response Bart Didden Brad Wilson Mike Zydor DragonFly system pairs DIY-install option with professional monitoring 'Catalyst' to be sales/marketing focused "If DragonFly really starts to shoot off ... we have the ability to put a [new] facility in and make it operational ... in probably under 75 days." —Bart Didden, SDN SDN see page 32

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